7 garage door parts that need regular servicing

July 20, 2021 home improvement

The modern garage doors built with a long lifespan as one of its features up to 15 years and the recommended servicing it needs is twice a year to make sure every part running smoothly without raising any issue. During the maintenance, certain parts require a thorough check-up and proper action which you should know. Here are garage door parts that need servicing twice in a year.

1. Garage door panels check-up

Obviously, the part that can be seen easily of the garage door is the panel which acts as the forefront of the garage doors mechanism. Also happens to be the high potential at risk to be damaged by external factors such as the weather, dush & rust and human error. What you need to look during the inspection is the sign of dent or rush that scattered on all over the panel’s body. Note it down any sign that you found for later repairment. 

2. Cables check-up

Garage door cables are amongst the vulnerable parts of garage doors due to its constant movement of lifting and lowering the doors pairing with the rollers. Cable breaks or snapped is the common issue discovered for this part but it can be prevented if you see any sign of clipped or tore on the cables which means it’s time to replace them.

3. Roller drums check-up

Pairing with the garage door cables, the roller drums are the parts that also do the heavy lifting and lowering the door panels. The common issue with this part is sometimes it stuck during operational which commonly caused by dush and rust. The quickest solution will be by lubricating the part properly using a specific grease for garage doors but if the issue escalated better to call for the help of the professional.

4. Tracks check-up

The common issue on the garage door tracks is misaligned and clipped which can easily be noticed. These issues if not handled properly can cause the door panels collapsed because the rollers on each panel can’t run straight. Therefore, immediate repairment is necessary.

5. Garage door opener check-up

After all of the hard work in the past few years, the motor or opener need a bit more attention with good servicing. Checking up the condition of the motors by noticing any weird or loud noise it makes, the motors certainly will create a certain noise when operating but not a loud one. Also, notice if there’s any gap of movement while operating which indicating the motors are slowing down, the possible cause is due to age or something hinder its movement. 

6. Safety sensor check-up

If you have noticed there are two safety sensors installed on each side of the garage door panels located close to the floor or surface, facing each other in a symmetrical line. When the door panels have reached the sensors, they will send a signal to the opener to stop operating allowing the doors to fully closed. The common issue with this part is easily noticed when the door panels are not fully closed or stuck halfway and opening, therefore, the solution is to check whether the alignment is correct or if there’s anything that hinders it sensors from interacting both ways.

7. Garage door weatherstrips

With the four seasons occurring in Australia, the weatherstripping seals play an important role to insulate the garage from any external factors that can cause issues for everyone or everything inside such as rain, debris, dush, and snow. A replacement is necessary every 6 months to keep the insulation always in a top form. 


These 7 essential garage door parts should always be on your list when inspecting the doors because without one of them in top conditions, could lead to other parts to be malfunctioned and broken. When this occurs, immediate repairment is necessary by a professional in garage door repairs Perth like All Time Garage Doors. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.