Front Yard Landscaping Ideas That Will Astound You

December 3, 2022 garden

Looking for some front yard landscaping ideas? We’ve got the best of the best for passers-by to admire. When it comes to the front yard, a well-kept lawn isn’t the only option.

According to renowned Los Angeles landscape designer Scott Shrader, grass may be your least appealing option.

“In my opinion, it’s been out of fashion for 25 years,” he says.

“The fertiliser, water, mowing—all that energy goes into a green patch that doesn’t do much aesthetically.”

Shrader, on the other hand, sees front yard landscaping as an opportunity to set a distinct tone for your property: “Your house does not begin at the front door; it begins on the street.”

To improve your home’s kerb appeal, we’ve selected the best front yard landscaping ideas—along with answers to frequently asked questions.

How can I make my front yard more appealing?

Making the space beautiful is naturally going to be top of mind when planning your front yard design.

“Having an appropriate response to architecture is paramount to the success of any front yard,” says Geoff Valentino, Chicago studio director of architectural landscaping firm Hollander Design. The scale, form, and materiality of your home’s architecture should all be carried into the landscape design, so learning as much as you can about the style and design of the home itself before embarking on the landscaping is always a good first step.

How do I landscape my front yard?

Plan your specific project once you understand the design of your home and (hopefully) the style of landscaping that will complement it well.

“Begin by developing circulation patterns in and around the architecture for vehicles, parking areas, and pedestrian walkways,” Valentino advises.

“After that, you can start layering in site features and planting that relate to the home and become an extension of it.”

What can I do to make my front yard appear more expensive?

Whether you spend a lot or a little money on your front yard, dying plants, patchy grass, and general disorganisation will make it look cheap.

“Every yard has microclimates—sun exposure, wind, climate, soil, drainage patterns, existing plants, and habitats—that influence where plants will thrive and where you’ll feel at ease spending time,” Valentino says. He notes that using these elements to guide design decisions will give you the best chance of creating a long-lasting and sustainable front yard. Take the time to observe plants in your neighbourhood to see what’s doing well and what’s not, and pay special attention to healthy plants that are already growing in your yard, he advises.

Understanding your site’s natural environment will go a long way towards making your yard look more expensive. We’ve compiled a list of front yard designs to help you get ideas and inspiration.

Floral-themed landscaping ideas

Select an Accent Colour

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas - Select an Accent Colour

Keep things simple by using an accent colour to anchor your landscape.

Using a single colour for elements such as the door, trim, outdoor furniture, and flowers can help to add continuity and cohesion to a yard while also connecting the façade to the landscape.

Blues, in particular, stand out against pink, yellow, and orange blooms.

Match Your Flower Beds to the Exterior of Your Home

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas - Match Your Flower Beds to the Exterior of Your Home

Want to incorporate flower beds into your landscaping design but aren’t sure how they’ll look next to your house? Try matching the beds to the exterior of your house.

Using the same material will ensure a unified look, but if that isn’t possible, you can find a bed colour that is similar to the houses. Request that your contractor saves any extra bricks for future projects.

Make Your Front Yard Ombre

Make Your Front Yard Ombre

It can be difficult to know what plants will look good together in your garden beds when it comes to floral design. To add visual interest and depth, choose flowers that are one colour but vary in hue.

Create an ombre floral design that begins dark at the edges and gradually fades to a centre of white blooms if you want to get creative. Alternatively, focusing on a single monochromatic design is a painless way to solve a cluttered front yard conundrum.

Plant in Clumps

Plant in Clumps

Plant your seed and bulb stock in patches to create variety.

As they bloom, you’ll see a controlled but wild-looking tapestry of colours and textures.

Create a Floral Gradient

Create a Floral Gradient

Consider planting flowers in a colour gradient for a deceptively simple design idea.

If you refer to a colour wheel, it will appear impressive, but it is quite formulaic.

Choose flowers that complement the colours on the wheel, and you’re ready to go.

Flowers Should Be Separated

Flowers Should Be Separated

If the thought of matching flowers is intimidating, stick to a single variety.

A house surrounded by hydrangea shrubs appears to be nestled in the clouds.

You only need to make one decision to ensure that everything matches.

Plant Annual Flowers

Plant Annual Flowers

Perennial flowers, as opposed to annual flowers, last at least two years, if not more. These flowers are cold-resistant and only bloom once a year (in the spring, summer, or fall).

They may be a good option for people who do not want to plant new flowers regularly. Azaleas, hollyhocks, and garden phlox are some popular perennials.

A Flower Arch Serves as a Frame

A Flower Arch Serves as a Frame

Create a flower arch above your front door with flowering vines and climbers.

Consider vining plants such as jasmine and bougainvillaea to be a fancy collar framing your entrance.

Arches can be purchased or made from wood posts and wires.

Green Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Grass for Decoration

Grass for Decoration

Because they require little maintenance, ornamental grasses such as Carax and pampas make excellent front yard landscaping choices.

Many are heat tolerant, don’t require a lot of water, and don’t have recurring pest problems.

Create a Colourful Border

Create a Colourful Border

Give your hedges a boost by pairing them with a colourful border, as seen in Hollander Design’s landscaping.

As you get closer to the door, the trees and flowers provide structure and contribute to an evolving experience.

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