Electronic Waste and How to Handle It

September 13, 2021 waste management

Anyone paying attention to recycling their electronic waste the proper way will have “E-waste recycling near me” or “electronic waste disposal near me” as one of their most-used sentences in their Google Search. Electronic recycling is not only a good way for us to get rid of broken stuff lying around the house, but it is also essential to keep our environment safe and clean.

As one of the highest users of technology, Australians make e-waste one of the fastest-growing types of waste. Electronic waste contains many dangerous elements that can harm mother nature, and that’s why it is even more crucial to recycle as much as possible.

What Is Considered Electronic Waste?

Electronic is everything that needs to be connected to an energy source to work. It becomes waste once it loses its ability to function properly; that’s when you call it E-waste. Below you can find some examples of electronic waste:

  • General electronics you use in your daily life, for example, at home, in school or at work (laptops, projectors, scanners, printers, copiers, televisions, phones etc.)
  • Lights, beamers, lamps, and everything used for illumination (LEDs, CFL lamps, sleeping lamps, torches etc.)
  • Work tools you use for constructing or building stuff (machinery, air compressor, drill etc.)
  • All the home appliances you use in your daily life at your house (dryers, fridges, air conditioners, washing machines etc.)
  • Electronics used in your free time (gaming consoles, electric scooters, electric guitar etc.)

6 Tips to Be an Electronic Waste Disposal Expert

1. Taking Electronic Items to the Reliable Waste and Recycling Centre

You can find E-waste recycling centres easily by doing a quick search online with “E-waste recycling near me”! These eco-friendly electronic waste disposal facilities should take all your electronics and responsibly recycle them to minimise their impact on the environment while disposing of waste properly. For a long time now, I’ve been using Eco Resources, a waste management service in Perth, and they do everything very professionally when it comes to disposing of electronic waste.

2. Sending Back Electronic Items

The best way to dispose of your old electronics is by trading them in for new ones. You can also find electronic recycling services that will give you money if you recycle these items. There are even drop-off locations where they’ll take the thing from you and handle everything else involved, such as dropping it at their place or shipping it out themselves.

3. Donating or Selling Outdated Electronics

If you’re over your old electronic devices, why not try to sell them on eBay or give it away as a gift for someone else? Or better yet, if there’s an organisation that can benefit from some of those gadgets, donating is the way to go.

4. Use Cloud Services for Storing Data

A cloud service like the one from Apple is a convenient option for storing data online. Not having to carry around storage devices means that you can access your information from anywhere in the world, and it reduces manufacturing needs, which makes our environment cleaner and better!

5. Say No to Landfill

Many people turn to landfills to dispose of their trash or electronic waste, but this isn’t always effective or safe. The process releases harmful toxins into our atmosphere and causes health issues in animals and plants alike.

Landfills might be an easy way out at first glance, but we need more sustainable methods if we want future generations to thrive on Earth. Being aware of this can help you pay more attention to what you buy and how you dispose of it in the first place.

6. Purchasing Fewer Unnecessary Electronic Gadgets

We, humans, are the highest users of technology out there, and therefore it is our responsibility to keep track of our economic footsteps to save the environment. A lot of E-waste is being produced every year as people do not consider what they are buying and if it is beneficial for them. When you buy a new electronic item, make sure that the product is valuable and can be used for a long period.

Eco Resources

These e-waste disposal and recycling approaches can help you to reduce your e-waste efficiently. As the highest users of technology, proper disposal is crucial to safeguard our environment from pollution, so knowing these methods will be helpful for everyone! Start now by finding a suitable company for your need with “E-waste recycling near me”.

Eco Resources is an excellent choice for E-waste recycling services in Perth! Their commitment to zero landfill and eco-friendly practices makes them stand out from other companies and, therefore, the right choice for you. They can also help you manage your home, green waste, office or construction wastes responsibly.

Contact Eco Resources today to find out more about their services.