Signs that you need a repair for your garage door parts in Perth

January 14, 2022 home improvement

Residential garage doors made to order are a beautiful addition to any house. Unfortunately, we can tend to view them like they are brand new – no matter how old they get. But like everything, garage doors can break down over time. You might worry that the garage door parts in Perth might not be available, but don’t stress – Perth WA Garage Doors is where you can find various garage door parts in Perth and garage door repair near me.

Here are some of the signs that your residential garage door may need replacement garage door parts in Perth:

Cracked or broken panels on your garage door

There are a few ways this can happen. Accidents do occur and your vehicle, a kids bike or another vehicle may have bumped into the door, causing damage. A would-be intruder may have tried to force the door open and damaged it. Or misaligned rollers or other factors could be responsible for cracks and other damage to the panels.

Luckily, replacement isn’t always required. A professional can inspect the garage door part at your Perth home or business and in many cases, parts and panels can be replaced so that it looks and runs like new again.

The door is not closing properly

Not only is this an inconvenience, but it is also a potential safety issue as it can create an intrusion point. The likely cause is that a sensor has failed or the motor is on the way out.

However, before you call for garage door repair near me, look for any obstruction underneath the door itself. It has sensors designed to prevent the door from accidentally closing on a person or object. Even a small object could be triggering the sensor.

There might also be an obstruction on the rails that the door itself runs on. Again, sensors will tell the door to stop opening and closing if a hazard is detected so check your rails and then a clean and some fresh lubrication – it would fix the issue immediately.

The garage door is slow to open

There are two main causes for this. The motor might be reaching its end of life, or it could be forced to work harder because the torsion springs have failed. These are simple and easy fixes.

Your garage door won’t open or close at all

Have you checked the battery in the remote? Have you checked multiple remotes? This will rule out those being the issue. If you have inspected the remote and batteries there could be an issue with the motor, or perhaps the remotes will need to be recorded.

If you are experiencing these problems or any other issues with your residential garage door, visit Perth WA Garage Doors and we will get you the best garage door service in Perth. Get your garage door parts installed quickly and professionally today.