What’s Causing Your Ceiling Damage?

June 2, 2021 Uncategorized

Has your ceiling affected by water damage but you don’t know why? Perth Ceiling Repairs are the top ceiling contractors in Perth. If you need plasterboard ceiling repair, you will find no better service. They provide professional and innovative solutions for your ceiling issues and complete all tasks swiftly and tidily. Not to mention the incredibly affordable prices.

Water Damage ceilings

Water damage can be caused from a wide variety of sources and the gravity of the damage can vary hugely. But in any case getting a good ceiling contractors in Perth to assess the damage can be hugely beneficial.

Some cases can be purely aesthetic. This doesn’t demand immediate attention as the structure of the ceiling is still intact and isn’t in need of replacement. Plasterboard ceiling repair may be completed in order to make the room more attractive. Other cases are a bit more dire. It’s important to get someone who specialises in ceiling repairs in Perth to inspect your home as they will be able to correctly diagnose the issue

What Causes Water Damage to a Ceiling

Water Leak: The most common reason for water damage to your ceiling is due to water leaks. Often you can spot a leak by observing stains, peiling paint, spongy texture or sagging ceilings. There may be a variety of reasons that cause your leak, whether its due to a broken pipe, clogged gutters, missing shingles or an improper shower fitting. With this issue it’s vital that you find the source of the water damage and repair it before trying to repair the ceiling.

Excess Moisture: Many rooms, like kitchens and bathrooms, can produce a lot of excess moisture if they are not ventilated or dehumidified properly. Excess humidity and condensation can lead to stains and unhealthy mould growth.

Damaged Shingles: When the shingles on your roof are damaged you may find that rain can leak into your home. If you find that the water damage occurs along the eaves of your house or perhaps in an attic space then a damaged roof may be the issue.

Appliances: A common cause of ceiling leaks, particularly if you have multiple floors, are appliances. Fridges, dishwashers and washing machines can all have issues with water supply lines but often occur solely behind or below the appliances.

Get a Professional Ceiling Fixer in Perth to Repair Your Water Damaged Ceiling

If you’re searching for the highest quality gyprock ceiling contractors Perth Ceiling Repairs cannot be beaten. They have tools to determine the severity of your water damaged ceiling and have high quality equipment which even the handiest DIY enthusiast wouldn’t have lying around. Next time you need a plasterboard ceiling repair for either you residential or commercial ceilings in Perth contact Perth Ceiling Repairs.