What is Topsoil and What Is It Used For?

October 11, 2021 garden

The top layer of soil on the Earth’s surface is referred to as “topsoil”. the upper layer of soil may range in depth from 5 to 12 inches, depending on the region, and its texture. Clay, silt, and sandy topsoils should be avoided for most gardening reasons because they hold moisture after rain and restrict air from reaching the plant roots below.

Mineral particles, organic materials, water, and air are all components of topsoil. You can get a quality upper layer of soil from reliable Perth sand supplies by calling the Premium Allsands team. Topsoil with a loamy texture that contains between 7% and 27% clay, 28% to 50% silt, and less than 52% sand is one of the best types.

These topsoils have a low water-holding capacity yet are simple to till. The upper layer of soil is supplied in greater amounts than garden soil for large-scale landscaping projects. Topsoil is also more of a general-purpose soil combination, with less fertilizer and organic matter than certain garden soils.

How Do You Use Topsoil?

Characteristics of Top Soil

The top 5 to 6 inches of dirt scraped off the Earth’s surface is typically used to make bulk the upper layer of soil. Thus, the composition of bulk topsoil differs depending on where it was obtained and whether or not the supplier added additional materials to it. Fertilizer, lime, and organic materials may or may not have been applied.

It depends on where it was scraped whether it is mostly sandy or clayey soil, or whether it includes a lot of weed seeds. Bagged the upper layer of soil, on the other hand, has had fertilizer, lime, and organic matter added to it. You should contact an expert like Premium Allsands to get the ideal Perth sand supplies for residential or commercial use.

Create a Plant Bed

To make a garden, put a 2-inch-thick layer of topsoil over a selected area and thoroughly mix it with the existing soil to a depth of approximately 4 inches. Because the differences between the upper layer of soil and garden soil supplies may be significant, mixing it with the top 4 inches of soil provides a transition layer that avoids drainage issues between the two soil types.

After the soils have been properly mixed, put topsoil on top of them to achieve the required depth in the garden. The best results in plants come from the upper layer of soil that has been supplemented with fertilizer and organic materials.

Repair Lawn Damage

Topsoil can be used to fill up low places in the lawn and to top-dress barren spots. Fill a low area of grass with a 2-inch-thick layer of the upper layer of soil and level the topsoil with a shovel. The grass will grow itself in the fresh upper layer of soil.

Repeat the procedure many times if the depression is deeper than 2 inches. Adding too much topsoil, on the other hand, may change the structure and pH level of the existing soil, making it unfit for the current grass species. Spread a 1-inch layer of topsoil over a barren spot in your lawn, then scatter grass seeds and push them into the topsoil with a rake or hand tiller.

Follow those tasks up with regular watering, and new grass should grow in one to two weeks.

Improve Soil Drainage

The soil drainage of a lawn or garden that tends to hold water is improved by adding topsoil to the area. To create good drainage in the root zone region of plants, mix sandy topsoil with organic matter like compost or crushed pine bark and till it into the existing soil to a depth of 12 inches.

However, do not damage the roots of plants during the procedure, remove plants before revising the existing soil and replanting them later, or revise the existing soil before planting. Because adding topsoil may change the pH of the soil, do a soil test before planting grass or other plants to see whether the pH has to be adjusted.

How Much Should Topsoil Cost?

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