Tips For Using a CNC Router Machine For Cutting Metal

March 30, 2022 lifestyle

It is well known that a CNC router machine is a perfect tool for cutting and engraving wood, acrylic, plastics, and density board. But CNC cutting can also be highly effective for cutting metal as well, provided you use the right techniques.

There are manufacturers and documentation that might advise against using a CNC router machine to cut metal and this is true for beginners and those who do not understand how to use CNC cutting for metal fabrication. However, if you get the right CNC router in Perth, set it up correctly and use the right procedures with your CNC machine then you effectively cut and fabricate metal without risking any damage to your CNC router machine.

How to Use a CNC Router Machine to Cut Metal

The good news is that you don’t need a specific type of CNC router machine, they all perform the same function. Quality is important for all cutting and engraving functions, though, so you are always best contacting Tekcel to get the best quality at the right price. What changes is the method of cutting?

For example, using the machine at high speed might be effective for wood and acrylics but it could damage metal – and your machine. You will need to set the machine to the right speed, dependent on the metal. The softer the metal, the slower the speed will need to be otherwise the heat could cause damage.

You can help to reduce the temperature of the CNC router machine so you don’t have to sacrifice speed when cutting soft metals by:

  • Applying a specialised cooling liquid when CNC cutting along with the cutting fluid
  • Spraying the machine with isopropyl alcohol before CNC cutting
  • Purchasing a vortex cold air gun system that will help keep the tool end cool
  • Striking the right balance between spindle RPM, depth per pass, helix angle, feed rate, and end tool flute.

Finding the Right CNC Router Machine for Cutting Metal

As they mentioned, any CNC router in Perth will do the job – but for how long? The higher the quality of the machine, the more durability and longer life you will get. However, some machines are designed for commercial scale and others for home jobs.

Understanding your job requirements and getting a CNC router machine that matches those needs (and your budget is essential). Make a detailed assessment of your production requirements, the capabilities you require from your machine and the configurations that will be required. That will help you choose a suitable model.

Tekcel is here to help you choose the right machine and they will also ensure it has all the right features and has been configured to your requirements. They have solutions for all scales and financing solutions are available. If you would like a CNC cutting machine that will glide through metals and deliver optimal results for a long period.

Give them a call today.