The Importance of Water Damage Roof Repair

October 28, 2021 home improvement

Household problems can be put off for a variety of reasons. However, water-damage roof repairs in Perth should be your number one priority when it comes to home maintenance. Incorrect roof installation, damage caused by wind or storms, and lack of maintenance can lead to leaks.

Your roof may also need replacing. Roofs are usually only meant to last between 20 and 30 years. You must monitor your ceilings for water damage and discover leaks quickly to help prevent major structural damage to your Perth home or business.

Identifying Water Damage

Ensure that your household ceilings in Perth are regularly checked for signs of water damage. Any peeling or blistered paint or a discoloured area on your ceiling, especially if it’s bulging, indicates water damage. There is likely more water somewhere that has caused these damage signs.

This could cause structural damage and hazardous mould growth. If you get to the root of the problem and contact a local, trusted restoration company as soon as possible, your water damage issue can be prevented from becoming much worse. It is difficult to imagine a worse feeling than confronting water damage in your Perth home or business.

Here are some recommendations for water-stained, peeling and cracked ceilings.

Water Damage: Make Sure the Ceiling Is Stable

The very first thing to do is stabilise the leak area. Get out a tarp and bucket to catch any water that’s accumulating behind the ceiling, and then move valuables out of the area. You may have drywall covering your ceiling, which absorbs or disperses water.

It is better to control where water enters your ceiling. Using an awl, screwdriver, or similar object, create a controlled opening at the centre of the leak so that the water will flow through and into your bucket.

Fix the Ceiling Leak by Finding and Repairing Its Source

The next step is to locate and repair the leak’s source. The distance that water can travel from an initial leak is surprising, and a roof leak can be especially difficult to isolate. Even in a simple situation, such as when a bathroom is directly above the stain, there could be several possible sources of water.

A leaky drain, a loose supply line, or a lack of caulk could be the cause. That is why it is always important to call the professionals like Perth Ceiling and Walls for your ceiling repair needs. Our experienced and highly qualified team can rapidly locate the source of the leak and potentially save your home from significant damage – and your family from potential injury or harm.

What Damage Can a Leaking Roof in Perth Cause?

It is common for homeowners to believe a leaky roof is just a structural issue, but it can also pose health and safety risks. Water intrusion over time will eventually reach the very foundation of the house from the attic area, causing plenty of expensive damage along the way.

  • Costly utility bills and energy waste
  • Mould and mildew issues that can impact your health
  • Fire hazards created by water damage combined with electricity
  • Deteriorating structural integrity

The best way to prevent major damage and health concerns at your Perth property is to have your ceiling regularly inspected by professionals. Contact them at Perth Ceiling and Walls to book your annual inspection – it could save you thousands.