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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Teaching your Children the Gospel.

Source: google.com via Marcie on Pinterest

Since having children I’ve had a hard time finding books for my them, especially ‘christian books.’ My husband and I love to read and we want to pass this gift on to our children but there is a big problem. 90% {just a guess} of children’s bible story books merely consist of do-it-better lessons so God will love you. This is not what the Bible teaches even though its what we hear mostly when we read the bible.

We are taught to work our way to God, even after salvation. This way of thinking is false and is completely detrimental to our faith. We are completely righteous, loved, accepted and heirs through Christ, not through our ‘good deeds’ or church attendance or abstaining from certain things.

Our loving actions and obedient lives are to be an outflow of our heart. A heart that is so captivated in the truth that striving is not needed to earn favor in God’s eyes. He’s found complete favor and satisfaction because of Christ’s perfect obedience.

When we saturate our hearts in those Gospel Truths we will rejoice and have limitless joy and freedom which will display it self in an obedient life. It’s not, and cannot be the other way around. Your obedience can’t be a means to make God think highly of you oran attempt at earned favor from Him… you are already favored, even when you fail. Your favor has been purchased by Christ.

We must be careful to see our Pharisee ways and how they create little Pharisees. Please, teach your kid’s Bible stories but don’t convince them that God loves them when they only do right. Teach them over and over that they are, “Sinful and flawed than they could ever dream but more loved and accepted than they could ever hope for.”

It’s comes so natural for us to teach kids to do whats right so God will smile at them and love them. Do you see the focus on that false teaching? God loves those whom are His children not based on their actions, good or bad, but completely based on Jesus’ obedience.

Give the Gospel to your children. Teach your little babes that their obedience should be grounded in the fact that they are loved, forgiven and accepted, no matter what disobedience they show. Their obedience should be the overflow of gratefulness to God for accepting them based on Jesus and not by their actions that could never measure up.

A few example of kid’s stories that promote the enslaving teachings of earning our right standing as a Christian are: “kid’s you better do what God says or you will be swallowed by a fish just like Jonah.” Or the story of the Prodical Son returning… “kids’s don’t be like him, he wasted so much time when he should of just been serving God” instead of focusing on how we are the elder Prodical son doing all the ‘right things’ trying to earn favor with God and thinking in return we deserve God’s love.”

Hope you will continue or begin to examine your Children’s literature and even their songs closer, let’s teach our little babes the Gospel, it’s the only thing that will set them Free, the only thing that will bring them Happiness and their Only Hope.

Have you noticed this to be a pattern in books, sunday school literature and kid songs?

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  1. What a wonderful post on SUCH an important topic! I started teaching preschool children last fall through Awana, and our lessons center on God's unconditional love. Every.single.lesson. It's quite a different approach than the way I was raised. My mom (who has grown considerably as a Christian through Bible studies) made the mistake of tying our consciences to "doing what was right so God would love us." She didn't have other examples to follow, as she (and we) got the same message every Sunday in church. I have made a concerted effort to learn more about God so that I can teach my children and avoid the same mistakes as my parents. I pray daily for His guidance in doing my best as a mother.

  2. I've noticed this, too. This is why I don't like Veggie Tales or most "Christian" books out there. I prefer to encourage kids to read good secular fiction which illustrate Christian themes (like bravery, human sinfulness, finding purpose, etc.) and draw from that, than to use books or other media that turn Christianity into a morality lesson.

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  4. Okay, I tried posting and I don't see it…

    I am picky too, I was looking for a good Christmas story for my nephew, I found a few but decided to spare the expense.

    I did get the book Fool Moon Rising from Crossway and I enjoy it. It's about the moon stealing the sun's glory. The sun exposes the moon. The moon changes his ways and then makes his boast in the sun. Very good. Geared toward a younger audience.

    I also like The Lightlings and The Poison Cup (I think), by R.C. Sproul. Allegorical and good.

    A great book about purity is called The Princess and the Kiss. There is a book for boys called the Squire and the Scroll. In the PatK, the princess is given her first kiss by her parents and they tell her to keep it safe to give it away to the man she will marry. Many suitors come but she turns them down. Then one comes and they both share their first kiss with each other.

    I will say though, just for personal opinion, that even though VT is usually has more moral content, I'd rather my nephew singing about squash and dancing vegetables than Justin Bieber. So, there are advantages and disadvantages to VT, but I those can be great spring boards to deeper spiritual conversations, or a change to read the actual story with them. For instance, read Jonah after watching the VT Jonah.

  5. Okay, one last one!

    http://www.aholyexperience.com/best-books-list/ Great comprehensive list.

  6. Kristen ElizabethMarch 5, 2012 at 8:01 AM

    SUCH a wonderful post!! And YES, I am in the battle with you in finding the right Biblical tools for training our kids. I have heard of the Princess and the Kiss that Emily mentioned and heard it was phenomenal! Planning to check that out soon, along with the Squire and the Scroll. 🙂 Thanks for the post!

  7. So good!!!!!