Subway Tile Bathrooms for Perfect Bathroom You Dreaming Of

November 16, 2020 kitchenroom

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean that you can’t explore your creativity to remodel it. The idea is how to have a small, clean, tidy, and comfortable bathroom at home. One of the possible ideas is by applying subway tile. Here, we have several interesting subway tile bathrooms for your reference. You should know that the way you choose the type of tile, it brings a different atmosphere to the bathroom.

For example, using glass subway tile will be different with marble subway tile. It is also the same case if you take black and white subway tile. The good news is that it is possible for you to use one of the ideas above for your new design bathroom. What you have to do now is learning a little bit about how to apply the subway tile so you can really see something fresh, unique, and different in your bathroom.

The subway tile can make your bathroom looks spacious than before. When you learn it, you will know that remodelling your bathroom with subway tile is not as complicated as you can imagine. In fact, it is fun, simple, and affordable and it hopes the result will make you satisfy.

Glass Subway Tile Bathroom

If you want to separate between the toilet area and shower area, applying glass subway tile will be a solution. In fact, glass subway tile bathroom is popular because it can be used to keep the small bathroom comfortable and complete.

To give the sense of tidy and hygiene, just take white subway tile bathrooms for your reference. The glass will perfectly separate the toilet area and the shower without making the bathroom looks small. To give colour, you can hang a colourful painting or just give flowers in a vas. It is really a simple glass subway tile bathroom but it gives great ambient when you enter into it.

Marble Subway Tile Bathroom

How about if you want to give the touch of the contemporary theme in your bathroom? Definitely, you can do it by creating a marble subway tile bathroom. White still the best colour option for the tile. You can install a glass door to separate the shower and mirror.

The glass and mirror will make your bathroom looks spacious. You can apply the marble for the vanity. There are also several marble subway tile bathrooms you can apply including installing Calcutta marbles for the countertop sink along with chrome finish leg. Still, complete it with a glass door and mirror to keep the bathroom looks spacious.

Black and White Subway Tile Bathroom

For black and white lovers, you can still have an outstanding black and white subway tile bathroom at home. The simple one is by applying white subway tiles. Then, you can apply a black grout. It is a simple bathroom improvement but it gives black and white bathroom just like what you really want. One of possible black and white subway tile bathrooms is by using black subway tiles and white wall painting.

To give something unique, it is okay to use a pattern on the tiles. The pattern can be applied on the floor or the wall. Those two black and white subway tile bathrooms are really simple idea but it makes your bathroom charming.