Are you trying to figure out how to organise your storage space? This may be one of the most difficult cleaning tasks in your entire house, but it doesn’t have to be! We have ideas to help you tidy up this tricky area, whether you have a small storage space, a large basement, or a […]

Small bathrooms can be extremely appealing. A small bathroom, unless it’s a sweet little bonus powder room with no purpose other than hand-washing before dinner, can also be difficult to design. What happens to clean towels? What about wet-suit hooks? And how much space is available for a shower or bath? When done correctly, a […]

The Impact of Climate Change on the Plaster Ceiling

August 26, 2022 home improvement

Climate change is having a significant impact on plaster ceilings. The increased temperatures and dryness in the air are causing the plasterboard to crack. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that many homes have inadequate ventilation. As a result, the warm, moist air is trapped inside, causing the plasterboard to expand and eventually crack. […]

How to Recycle a Car Near Me and Get Cash Instantly

April 22, 2022 waste management

At Dream Lucky Scrap Metal, we believe in recycling cars for cash and doing our part to help the environment with car recycling near me for all suburbs of Perth. Car recycling is a great way to reduce pollution and conserve resources. And with our convenient location in Perth, we make it easy for you […]

It is well known that a CNC router machine is a perfect tool for cutting and engraving wood, acrylic, plastics, and density board. But CNC cutting can also be highly effective for cutting metal as well, provided you use the right techniques. There are manufacturers and documentation that might advise against using a CNC router […]

Why You Could Be Sitting On A Fortune In Scrap Metal

February 9, 2022 waste management

Whether you are a local Perth business, construction company or resident, there could be gold sitting on your property – in some cases literally. When it comes to ways to make quick cash, a lot of people don’t think about scrap metal recycling near me. However, scrap metal in Perth is highly sought after and […]

How to Fix Hole in the Ceiling

January 26, 2022 home improvement

A ceiling hole in your house or a false ceiling can detract from the decor. If you’re sick of seeing that eyesore every time you look up but aren’t handy, we have a quick and easy solution! As a homeowner, you will be used to the inevitable repair jobs and renovations that need to be […]

You might worry that garage door parts in Perth might not be available, but don’t stress – Perth WA Garage Doors is where you can find various garage door parts in Perth and garage door repair near me. Residential garage doors made to order are a beautiful addition to any house. Unfortunately, we can tend […]

Why Skip Bins Near Me Are Good For Local Businesses

January 11, 2022 waste management

WA Skips offers the cheapest skip bin hire in Perth’s northern suburbs and it is not just residential customers that are looking for skip bins near me. A large number of businesses are also hiring the cheapest skip bin hire in Perth’s northern suburbs because of the range of benefits they can enjoy from using […]

When it comes to home maintenance, plumbing, electrical and other key trades are often the first consideration. But take the time to look up. Your ceiling is just as important as the rest of your home which is why professional ceiling fixers services in Perth are essential for your ongoing home maintenance as well. Their […]