How to Organise Digitised Memories Properly

March 22, 2021 lifestyle

After digitising, you’ll need to store the photos, whether on, Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, Shutterfly, or FOREVER Storage. Photo organisation software can organise my photos. Back in the day, shoeboxes were commonplace where everyone including your grandparents, stored their precious captured memories.

Usually, these boxes were placed under the bed or on top of a cupboard. Although time has passed, the current generation still follows this practice due to its convenience and old habit. Most of the captured memories printed from an instant camera put them at risk of being damaged by external factors such as water, fire and pest.

Photo digitising has been one of the trusted solutions to secure all printed photos and make them easier to organise. Therefore, let’s find out how to organise the memories digitally properly.

1. How to Organise My Photos: Collect Them Carefully

Printed photos are old and on top of that they were stored inside shoeboxes for a long time, there’s a high chance some of them are not in good condition. Therefore, carefully collect them and pay more attention to each of their condition, looking for any sign of a damaged part. 

2. How to Organise My Photos: Organise Them Properly

After collecting comes organizing, this way, it will be easier to digitize them for future use if necessary. Sort them out based on the dates taken so it will create something called timeline stories. 

3. Contact the reliable photo scanning services

Nowadays, there are plenty of photo scanning services available in Perth, one of them being Scan Ur Pics. You only need to go to their website to order the photo scanning service quantity and then send them the photos.

Within a few days, they will send it back the high-quality result inside a secure flash disk drive. The price of such services is affordable and in fact, they are having a promotion for the Summer Sale right now. 

4. Backup into a cloud storage

Although it is considered safe to store digital images in a flash disk or computer hard disk, adding another form of backup is always a great idea. A cloud drive is free and easy-to-use, names like Google Drive which give you a free 10 GB of storage or Mega Drive which give a free 50 GB of storage are available for you to use as backup storage. Additionally, sharing the digitising images is a lot easier via cloud storage because you just need to send them the download link to the images and then receive it in the actual resolution without any compressions

5. What to do with the rest of the printed photos after being digitized?

Don’t put it back into the shoeboxes, let’s be creative and turns it into a room decoration that will accompany you at all time. Hang them on the wall or create a mural of memories, this way not only you are improving the aesthetical looks of the room but also preserving the memories beautifully. Check out this article room decoration ideas with Polaroid Photos for more info.