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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year.

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A new year means so much to me. It means new beginnings, fresh starts, new visions, new focus.

2012 has promised to bring the words ‘Fowler’ to the end of my children’s name. What blessing, what hope, what justice, grace and mercy that act will bring to my family. Answered prayers, tears, rejoicing and delighting in God will be accompanied by this upcoming planned event.

Gospel wakefulness is my prayer for this new year. May God continue to create and sustain a gospel wakefulness in my life. A deep affection for the Gospel that will fuel all acts of obedience, service and surround each area of my life. May my thoughts continually be on the realities that I have no condemnation, God is declared me just, forgiven and many more beautiful things.

May God continue to expose my legalism, moralism and performanism as a means to gain favor and acceptance in His eyes. May He replace it with JOY and FREEDOM because that is the reality of the one who trusts in Christ.

May God teach my heart that the reality of my life is not what I have believed for the past five years. It’s not condemnation and wrath, it is love and approval because I now have Christ’s righteousness. I don’t begin to say I understand all the out workings of these beautiful truths but, I know that the Lord has been doing an amazing thing in my life these past few weeks. I have found joy and freedom that I haven’t had in years.

I hope to continue to share these things I’m learning as I understand them clearer and live them fuller. May God give you new beginnings, fresh delights for Him and an awakening that your acceptance from God as a Christian isn’t dependent on your works. May your mind and heart be at rest knowing that you are loved, accepted, declared righteous based on the life that is in your account, Jesus. May these wonderful realities fuel and spur you on to obedience, radical generosity and radical selfless living.


  1. Happy New Year, Marcie!

  2. Thanks Tanya, Happy New Year to you as well!