Need A Strong Foundation? Think Paving Sand!

September 8, 2021 garden

Are you someone who loves hosting parties? There’s nothing better than creating good times and great memories for your loved ones. But there’s a lot of pressure to help create those good times and you need the right location. For many, a courtyard is a great choice to create a beautiful ambience right in your backyard. But to get that courtyard it is essential that you have a strong foundation. When looking for sand supplies in Perth, paving sand is a great choice for your base.

A base material is vitally important as it provides the support for your pavers and ensures they won’t become imbalanced. The sand will provide cushioning or bedding for the paving stones that will help bind them together and help stop the growth of weeds. You must also allow for free drainage in areas that will receive high water flow when it rains without compromising the base’s structural integrity.

What Is Paving Sand?

Paving sand is similar to Brickies sand and its course, finely graded composition makes it an excellent multi-purpose option for creating strong foundations and filling spaces in all types of paving. Clay content is an important aspect when judging the sand’s usefulness. Inferior sand with lower clay content won’t adhere as well, creating a poor base and potentially causing major issues in the future. This will cause you major headaches and will demand a lot of time and energy to fix so it’s vital to start strong with high quality sand.

High-quality sand perfect for your base. In order to create a breathtaking courtyard, you’ll need around 50-150mm of sand foundation (this is of course after compaction) underneath the paving stones. The exact amount of sand necessary will depend on the width, length and depth of the project and if you need help determining the measurements don’t hesitate to call a professional for an appraisal.

 What Can I Use Paving Sand For?

So we’ve already established how sand makes an excellent foundation for paving stones but it actually has many other uses. It can be used to create a strong foundation for a variety of other surface such whether they are hard footing surfaces like concrete pads or softer, natural oval and grass constructions. Water tanks and fibre swimming pools also require a strong base that paving sand can provide. It is also really effective when filling in the joints of paving slabs and block paving

Where Can I Get Sand Delivery Near Me?

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