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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Matchless Love.

photo via: eye-reennn.tumblr.com

Meditating on God’s Faithful Love towards us will cause us to glorify Him through our actions. When we know our true sin nature as believers and how Christ’s Love is ceaseless, patient, kind, determined and undeserved to us we should naturally act out that love towards others. 

I’ve often heard that Christians can be the most unloving, hateful and mean people you will ever meet. Honestly, it’s an oxymoron. If we have tasted God’s love, His faithfulness towards us even as we sin against Him how could we not have this same disposition towards others?

When I go to the store my final stop is always cheese. I purchase a lot of cheese, I eat cheese every two hours with snacks, my children eat cheese with their lunches and their snacks, I make homemade pizza with cheese and spaghetti pie, I use it for Tuna melts and well you get the point, I use cheese a lot. Each week at the Market I have to select all my different cheeses. I have to make a choice to buy the imitation ‘fake’ cheese or the real stuff. Real cheese is so much better. I have to go back and forth between the two because sometimes I have to buy the cheapest but believe me I can taste the difference.

I don’t want to be a fake imitation of love. I don’t want to try and muster up love, to tell myself when I’m mad at someone, “Just love them and move on.” I want to truly love them. I want to reflect on how Christ is currently forgiving me and not because I deserve it. I want to love them, not because I hope they will love me back and I can have a friendship. I want to love them not because I want to feel good about myself but because of the Love that is demonstrated to me through Christ.

Should not we of all people, those who are undeserving of love, who arrogantly walk around believing we have so much together when we really have only God to boost in, love others? Should not our love be  incomparable in our life. Our love should completely be matchless in our homes, families, friends, communities, culture and our world. We are being lavished with this amazing Faithful Love of God, how can we not lavish that on others. We must fight to see that love daily and joyfully live it to others.

When the cashier is rude or slow and you have somewhere to be or it’s nap time and you have two kids with you, remember how the sin in your life and how God is patient with you. When your child keeps repeating the same behavior that flies all over you, discipline them but out of love, not out of anger or frustration. You have under your care little sinners, just like you.

Bask in the beautiful love of God. Love Towards undeserved and undeserving sinful people. Love others the way you have been and are being loved in Christ.

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  1. Great post and a great reminder!!! Love the cheese analogy:)

    1. Cheese is a dilemma every week for me so I have a lot to work with in the cheese analogy business lol!

  2. Jessalyn @DesiringVirtue.comApril 26, 2012 at 7:32 AM

    Very, very true. How blessed we are and how terrible it is to see someone receiving so much love and grace acting in a an angry, unloving way. Great words of encouragement!

    1. It is sad and we're such a 'justified' and 'entitled' culture that we want what we deserve but we forget that we're undeserving of anything.

  3. Lovely post. I have been dwelling on some of this lately so it just feels right to see it here. I love your blog!

  4. transPARENT real MOMMay 3, 2012 at 3:45 PM

    so true!!!

  5. i love this post. i do. very encouraging reminder. however, i like to label myself as forgiven instead of sinner…i label my children this as well. we certainly are sinners in need of grace. the grace has already been extended. i think when we revert back to calling ourselves sinners on a regular basis we believe in the lowliness of that title when god has called us to be more than that.
    grace and peace.

  6. So blessed to have come across this on Titus Tuesdays – I love the part about disciplining out of love. Sometimes, after reading well meaning posts, and comments of other mommies, I feel so guilty when I have to discipline my kiddos. But you are right, discipline is part of learning, and doing so out of love is just like God disciplining us. Thanks for the encouragement.