What Can You Make and Sell with a CNC Machine?

September 13, 2021 lifestyle

The future of CNC machining is bright and full of possibilities, from creating customized one-of-a-kind products for personal use to making a ton of money. Many people think of a CNC router as a complex, complicated process that requires highly skilled workers.

But many hobbyists will find it simple and easy enough even without previous experience, as it can make anyone start creating products they once thought impossible to develop. The software is a big-money pool and, besides, is user-friendly, making it perfect even if this type of technology isn’t your area of expertise.
Here are ten ideas and project types you can create using a CNC machine:

Can you make money with a CNC machine?

• Signs

Signs are everywhere. It doesn’t matter if it is in an office, your home, a shop or a restaurant -even a small CNC machine can create the perfect signs that can be used in every facility. You can do this simple project with wood or other cheap materials.

• Phone cases

Phone cases are a big run on the markets out there. Nowadays, everyone has a phone and wants a beautiful case for it. With simple-to-make custom engravings and artistic designs, you can sell these not only online but also on local markets, and they’re always a big hit.

• Phone Stand

It is also worth thinking about creating suitable phone stands with a hobby CNC router in combination with phone cases. Everyone out there who likes to watch movies or their phone needs one, so why not make money by selling them? You can use metal or wood to create them, and it is super easy as well!

• Key holders

Everyone likes unique key holders for their car or house keys. They’re not only super helpful, but you can get them in various designs as well. The more creative you design them with your CNC machine, the better.

• Item holder

We all like organization because it makes us feel like we are actually on track with our lives. And what’s better for that than item holders? They can be used for wallets, keys, glasses, and so much more, so get this brainstorming done and think about lovely ideas you can put to life
with your CNC router at home.

• CNC machine parts

If you’d like to try a more advanced project with your CNC machine, then this is the right thing for you! Every big company that produces items with devices need parts for them as well. By creating them, you can sell them for reasonable prices and, on top of that, play in the professional league with the big firms out there.

• Car badges

Ever seen those nice badges at the back of the car that carries a nice slogan on them? Many people are crazy about them and like to buy as many for their beloved vehicles as possible. By making them, you found the perfect niche that allows you to get very creative with slogans, logos or even pictures.

• CNC portrait

Portraits usually belong to the kind of niche of an artist or painter. But nowadays, even a CNC router can make them out of wood or metal. It might not be easy initially, but once you figured out how to do it, you can create portraits of literally anything: people, landscapes, objects and much more.

• Custom engravings

This is kind of a broad niche that allows you to get a wide range of customers. Custom engravings can be done for companies, family homes, as birthday presents or as furniture. You can choose between wood, metal, plastic or even acrylic and find the one that fits your style and your hobby CNC router the best.

• Decorative fences and gates

A CNC wood router or even a small CNC machine is perfect for details, professional designs and creative visions. You can get deep into detail, and that’s why it is possible even to design fences or gates for homes, properties or similar. All you need is a nice material like wood or metal to try it out.

Is a CNC machine worth it?

You can make a living with a CNC router by focusing on niche markets, such as key chains, machine parts or phone accessories. Look for products that fit your talent and capability when working with a CNC machine. Don’t try to be everything simultaneously; instead, focus on one or two things you’re good at and expand from there.

You don’t need to be a pro, and even a CNC machine for sale will do the job for you. If you’re looking for a CNC machine supplier in Australia, Tekcel will help your business boost profits and produce accurate parts without wasting time. They’ll match machinery to budget perfectly too! Contact them today if you want high quality with quick response times at the best prices possible.

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