How Do I Find My Recreational Skippers Ticket Number

July 11, 2024 lifestyle

When you need to know “how do I find my Recreational Skipper’s Ticket number,” simply check your official RST documents or contact the appropriate maritime authorities for assistance. Your RST number acts as proof that you’ve met the necessary requirements to captain a vessel, ensuring you can safely navigate Australian waters.

Here are a few ways to locate your RST number:

1. Check Your RST Card

The quickest way to find your RST number is to take a look at your RST card itself. Your unique RST number should be printed on the card.

Just grab your card and check for the number on it.

2. Contact the Department of Transport (DoT)

If you’ve misplaced your RST card or can’t find the number, don’t worry. You can reach out to the Department of Transport (DoT) for help.

They can assist you in retrieving your RST number so you can have it on hand for your boating activities.

3. Apply for a Replacement Card

In case you’ve lost your RST card, there’s an option to apply for a replacement. Fill out an “Application for a Replacement Card” form and send it to

There is a fee of 24.60 for a replacement card, but once you get it, your RST number will be back in your possession. While it’s not a strict rule to carry your RST card while operating a boat, having it can make life easier if you need to prove your qualifications.

To safeguard your Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST) from water damage, consider keeping a laminated copy or using a vacuum sealer for extra protection. If you ever update your contact information or name, remember to notify the Department of Transport promptly.

You can update this information by submitting a “Change of Name and Address: Boats, RST, Moorings, Jetties” form within 21 days of any changes. By following these steps and being proactive in handling your RST card, you can ensure that you always have your RST number on hand when needed.

Your RST number is crucial for safe boating in Australia. For any inquiries or to obtain the cheapest skippers ticket Perth, contact Sea Safe Boat School for assistance and support.

Stay safe on the water and enjoy your boating adventures!

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