Great Decorative Elements To Go with Red Living Room

November 16, 2020 livingroom

Having a red lounge is sometimes very challenging because actually red is not the common colour to be used in the living room. However, red is very bold and unique and thus using it as the colour scheme of the living room is acceptable. You only have to know how to do it well.

Sometimes, red can be very dark and intense. That is why to make your living room still balance in colour and nice in overall decoration, you have to add several decorative elements that will go well with the living room. All of them will surely add balance to the intense red colour.

1. Red Living Room: Accent Walls

Red Living Room Accent Walls

Surely one of the best ways to add balance to the red colour of the living room is using accent walls. Accent walls can be defined as one part of a wall that is not coloured the same colour as the rest.

If the rest of your wall is painted red, make sure you leave one side of the wall to be painted a white, soft yellow or soft grey. It will add the needed balance.

2. Red Living Room: Rugs


If everything in the living room is coloured red including the cushion and the furniture, you can add something on the wall that is not so red. It is just to make a little bit of contrast. So, if everything is red, you can use a white rug or silver-coloured rug on the floor.

It will add colour richness to balance the intense red colour. You can also try to play with the pattern. Say, for example, zebra rugs.

It will go so well with the colour red.

3. Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces

If it is not too late, you can go less crazy about the colour red. If you want to make the living room has a red colour scheme, you can just use the red colour for the furniture, cushion, and wall decoration.

One of the best wall decorations that can use the colour red is a wall sconce. It can be used as a source of light and can be used as a wall decoration to emphasize the colour red.

4. Curtain


If you want a red lounge but do not want the red colour to be too intense, you can just use the red colour in the curtain. The curtain is usually massive, especially if the windows in the living room are huge.

That is why they are more than enough to put the red colour in the living room. Try to use a patterned red curtain so that there will be more layers of depth to the red colour.

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