Get Perfect Gyprock Ceiling Repair in Perth

July 20, 2021 home improvement

Regarding your ceiling, you shouldn’t settle for less than perfection. That’s why it’s important to choose a company that understands this. Perth Ceiling and Wall provide the best repair for sagging gyprock ceiling Perth.

They only use the best practices and high-grade materials to ensure the job is done effectively. They have years of experience handling gyprock in both commercial and residential settings, able to complete any task the client wants. You won’t find more professional workmanship or higher quality service.

Understanding What is Gyprock?

Gyprock is a trademarked building product that is highly popular throughout Australia. It’s a type of plasterboard ceiling that was popularised as far back as the 1940s. Nowadays it has become a genericised trademark and is used interchangeably with general terms like drywall and gypsum board.

Gyprock is made by using two thick sheets of a specialised type of paper to sandwich a gypsum plaster layer between them. It’s a very versatile product that can have a wide range of different qualities from soundproofing to water resistance through the variation of materials and processes during the initial manufacturing stage.

Why Should You Use Gyprock?

Gyprock has been the most popular material for interior walls and ceilings for over half a century. So, there must be some reason why it remains such a favoured material. One big reason is that it is so quick and easy to install and remove, especially when compared to the time-consuming process of plaster and lath.

The simplicity of the process also drives the installation costs way down so you can save money. Plus, the smooth surface allows for variable finishes from a range of textures and treatments including paint, tiles, rendering and wallpaper. Additionally, the material is eco-friendly and resistant to fire (which we can all agree is great for Australians).

Repair Sagging Gyprock Ceiling

Unfortunately, sagging ceilings are becoming more common in relatively new housing. It occurs when the method of attaching the plasterboard or gyprock to the ceiling joists begins to fail. Plasterboard is typically fastened in place with stud adhesive and either nails or screws.

The fixing system can fail for a variety of reasons, including improper original installation, extra load on the plasterboard in the ceiling space, or excess moisture from roof leaks. It only takes a small area of plasterboard to come loose from its fixings, adding more strain to the fixings around it. More fixings will come loose over time, the sagging will become visible from below, and if left alone, it will collapse completely.

Gyprock Ceiling Repair in Perth

As is the case with anything your ceilings are going to experience some wear and tear. You may notice some cracks, maybe it’s a little dated or perhaps your gyprock is causing a bit of a sagging ceiling in your Perth home. Luckily, experts around you can provide perfect repair for sagging gyprock ceilings Perth.

Perth Ceiling and Walls are some of the best gyprock fixers in Perth. The quick and easy nature of gyprock reinstallation makes the process a breeze and their professional, customer-focused attitude and years of experience will ensure that you are completely satisfied. They understand the need for perfection when it comes to your home, so they work tirelessly to ensure that you’re happy with the results.

So, for the highest quality gyprock ceiling repair in Perth make sure you call Perth Ceiling and Walls.

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