Do I Need a Skippers Ticket in Perth?

October 15, 2021 lifestyle

Those who wish to skipper recreational vessels with engines greater than six horsepower in Western Australian waters require the Recreational Skippers’ Ticket (RST). Recognised throughout Australia, the RST signifies a candidate’s competency as a boater – and you can get the cheapest Skipper’s ticket in Perth with Sea Safe Boat School. Boaters require a skippers ticket in Perth as proof of their competency.

Despite its title as a licence, Skipper’s ticket Perth acts as a certificate as it is a one-time evaluation that does not have to be renewed since it is valid for life. However, a theoretical and practical component must be completed within a flexible time frame. The RST shows that the holder has the knowledge and skills to operate a powerboat safely.

In addition, because skippers’ tickets aren’t licenses, you don’t have to pay any ongoing fees or renew them. The education team at Sea Safe Boat School specialises in helping you efficiently complete all the requirements of the RST, and we are proud of the 98% pass rate of our courses. With qualified, experienced and caring instructors about your success, you will ace your assessments at Sea Safe Boat School.

Who Needs a Skipper’s Ticket?

The captain is an informal term for the person at the helm of a boat or commanding a ship. A Skipper in Perth of a vessel is always required to keep their RST Card on display at all times. The Skipper doesn’t have to be at the wheel the entire time, but they need to be on board the boat while it’s on the water.

The Navigable Waters Regulations 1958 (WA) legislation states that an RST is required when an RST vessel is under someone’s control and operated on the water. Under this same regulation, an RSL vessel is classified as:

  • A boat that is registered with the Department of Transportation or is required to be registered.
  • A ship used for recreational purposes.
  • Powered by a motor of over six horsepower (4.5 kW).

How to Get Your Skippers Ticket in Perth

The best way to complete your RST is through the guidance of the experts at Sea Safe Boat School. We are knowledgeable and reputable, plus it is our mission to ensure that you pass so you will receive all of the support you need. Our expert team of instructors supports both individual and group training sessions and caters to the needs of all levels of experience.

Start your journey toward getting your RST by booking a course through Sea Safe Boat School. From there, you will have to go through these simple steps:

Download the Recreational Skippers Ticket in Perth Workbook

It may be easier for you to study independently by using the RST Workbook, which is available to download online. This provides all of the information you need and mini-tests that will arm you with all the knowledge you need to prepare you for taking the test.

After passing the test, you will receive an interim certificate that is valid for three months. You will receive an RST card once the Department of Transportation processes your information.

Ensure You Are Physically Eligible For An RST

In some cases, you may need to complete an eyesight test and/or lodge a medical declaration that proves you have the health capacity to skipper a boat in Western Australia. If you hold a current, valid Australian driver’s licence, you will not be required to complete the eyesight test (as this is part of the process of being licenced to drive in WA). If you have a serious medical condition, you will be required to complete a medical declaration as part of the process.

A serious medical condition is classified as anything that might impede your ability to skipper a boat, including:

  • Eye or vision problems
  • Epilepsy or conditions that can cause seizures, convulsions or fainting
  • Heart conditions or disease
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Arthritis or any other physical conditions that could impact your ability to skipper a boat safely
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Neurological conditions like dementia or stroke
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Alcohol or drug dependency

This is not an exhaustive list, and it is recommended that you speak to your GP about any conditions that could impact your ability to operate a boat on the water to decide whether a medical declaration may be required for your safety and the safety of those on board the vessel.

Choose The Trusted Boat School in Perth

We are proud to have helped thousands of people achieve their Recreational Skipper’s Ticket at Sea Safe Boat School with skipper training in WA. Our programs are designed for people of all experience levels. There are spots available immediately, as well as flexible scheduling, including weekends and weekdays.

We also offer small-group personal training that is professional and relaxed. Providing you with every chance to become competent is part of our supportive approach. So whether you need extra lessons, DVDs, practice sessions, or face-to-face lessons, our team has you covered.

We can help you get started by calling 0418 923 004 or booking your Skipper’s ticket online.

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