DIY College Apartment Decor Ideas

November 17, 2020 specialdecor

Apartment decorating ideas would always be the most wanted for a small apartment or shared room in college. College Apartment usually has limited space, some college provides a dormitory only instead of an apartment for the students. To make the college apartment more comfortable and attractive, there are several DIY apartment decorating ideas.

The ideas are not only to decorate the room but also to improve the function of the room as well as to create a larger space in the room, especially if it is a shared room. Some ideas are even very easy and need no additional room decoration.

Apartment Decorating Ideas: Door Decoration

Apartment Decorating Ideas: Door Decoration

It is a solution for a room that has already full. You do not have to decorate any part of the room.

Instead, you can just decorate the door. You can use almost anything to decorate the door.

Let’s say you have papercraft and pictures. You can arrange them on the inside part of the door.

You can also use decorative tape to create some patterns for the door. It seems simple but adds more details to the interior part of the door.

Apartment Decorating Ideas: Lighting Decoration

Lighting Decoration

Another apartment decorating ideas is to create a romantic atmosphere. You can install some lighting on some parts of the room such as on the headboard or the window.

Choose small lighting with warm tone colour. The lights will get your room more decorated during the day and romantic light at night.

You can also install the lights in some bottles for more creative lighting.

Wall Art Decoration

Wall Art Decoration

Another great idea is to have some wall art decoration. There are countless wall art ideas that you can apply to the room. You can start with very simple ideas.

For example, you can display some pictures of your friends and you on the wall. Forget about the photo frame, it can be even better for you to just arrange the pictures on a piece of paper and hang them on the wall. You can also display some quotes on the wall.

As long as you choose wall art ideas that go with your bedroom theme and your stuff, any idea can be a perfect wall art idea.

Ceiling Design

Ceiling Design

Drop the misconception that drop ceilings lower room elevation. Today’s drop-down ceiling grid hangs only three inches from the existing ceiling. Setup is a straightforward work that any kind of experienced DIYer can do by connecting hanger cords to the ceiling joists with nails or screws and then suspending the primary light beams and cross tees.

Then 24″ x 24″ or 24″ x 48″ panels are inserted into the open steel grid, as well as the decline ceiling is full. Installing drop-down ceilings makes it economically simple to upgrade any type of room with style. To decorate your dorm or college apartment, you have to choose the right college apartment décor.

Do not choose too complicated ideas. It will be perfect for you to choose a simple DIY college apartment decor to lower the budget and avoid the fully occupied room.

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