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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 4 from My Homefront: My Precious Daughter.

Day 4 From My Home Front: My Precious Daughter.
Jazlynn Carol. Named after her mommy, Marcie Carol.

These are our ‘baby pictures’. How precious this sweet little girl is. Her life has been such a story of redemption. Her life had been tragedy after tragedy until the following picture was taken. I’m not saying in any way my husband and I are the best parents in the world, we make mistakes, all the time. But, we love her. We keep her safe. We protect her. We give her snuggles and kisses, we tell her we love her, we read to her and sing to her. We tuck her in every night and get to tickle and pray over her. We get to  give her a chance to live. These things are things that probably came naturally to those with birth children but for this precious girl these things were not hers prior to her becoming my daughter.

 Her first few years of life were utterly miserable. More miserable than you can imagine. I can’t even bear to type the things that she experienced. Then after being moved from foster home to foster home she remained in a life of being unwanted. unloved. uncared for. She was viewed as a nuisance, a pain, a frustrating person whom nobody wanted. Could they not see how this little precious girl was just wanting attention? That she never was loved or taken care of and desperately needed this?

Now when she cries she is not hit. She is held for as long as she wants. When she does something wrong she is tenderly disciplined instead of hurt. When she is needing attention, she gets it. The Lord has brought this beautiful innocent girl out of a life filled with abuse and has given her a forever home.

 We will cherish her. We will love her. We will point her to Christ whom will hopefully one day become to her greatest Treasure. We will explain to her that God has written a beautiful story of her adoption just as he has adopted her mommy and daddy into His kingdom. I don’t want to be her Savior. I want to be the one who constantly and continiously points her to the only One who can bring her ultimate pleasure and happiness, Jesus.

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  1. Oh Marcie! I just wanted to cry when I read this post. What a precious little girl who God has brought to you and your family to her. I think how easily I could have experienced the same things as this little girl if I had not been adopted at an early age. I pray such blessings upon you and your husband and that God would meet every need whether physical, financial, emotional or whatever it may be. I look forward to readiing more of your posts.



  2. Thank you Marcie for sharing. I'm sure this was a very hard task to accomplish. I haven't even met beautiful Jazlynn and am reaching for the tissues. I'm so glad that Jazlynn now has a family that will not only love her and keep her safe, but also teach her about Christ. Your family's story helps put life into perspective. We waste so much time and effort on dumb things that do not even have meaning in the end, and reading this helps me realize that there are more important eternal things that deserve our time and energy. Continue to share Christ and your love. Thanks again for sharing. -Lacey Martin

  3. I just love these. Thank you for sharing. Praying for you and your family <3

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  5. transPARENT real MOMOctober 8, 2012 at 9:01 AM

    She is one blessed little girl!

  6. The Shoestring ContessaNovember 12, 2012 at 2:15 PM

    Precious, precious, precious.