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Monday, February 20, 2012

Cultivate the Gospel

At the beginning of 2012 I shared my desires for this new year to bring about “A deep affection for the Gospel that will fuel all acts of obedience, service and surround each area of my life.”

The last few weeks the Lord has been answering my very specific prayer. A word I want to be reminded of all day, one that I want remain always on the tip of the tongue a word that will hopefully be constantly renewing my mind is, “Cultivate.” I want to remind myself to cultivate the Gospel.

The Gospel truths naturally don’t resonate in our hearts. We don’t wake up and have strong un fleeting delights for the Lord. Our hearts are hardened to God and even as Christians we have to wage war and fight the sin in our life. We don’t fight by self-motivation, self-improvement and just a desire to change. We find lasting faith in seeing the Gospel.

How can I see the Gospel, everyday, every moment and in each circumstance? By Cultivating the Gospel in my life. The picture above is taken from my journal {sorry if it’s not the easiest to read} and it lists a few meditations of what it will practically look like to begin cultivating the Gospel.

How can we Cultivate the Gospel in our lives?

1. Read the Scriptures. {sounds easy enough but, if we aren’t reading scriptures we can never hear the Gospel resonating in our lives.}

2. Read books about the Gospel which help explain how the Gospel can transform every day circumstances.

3. Read blogs that write about Gospel Truths.

4. Listen to music throughout the day that declare truths of the Gospel.

5. Journal your thoughts about all the Gospel truths your taking in and being reminded of.

6. Take your thoughts captive and examine them based on the Gospel.

7. Prayer. Ask for help with your inner thoughts that you might be slow to speak, slow to anger and quick to hear, think and question your heart.

8. Remember that emotions are a mirror to your heart. Use the emotions to expose your heart that is anti-Gospel and loves counterfeit gods and is far too easily pleased to settle for temporary pleasure instead of real pleasure found in Christ.

This week I will be expanding on these 8 ways to cultivate the Gospel. I hope to give you a few tools and resources that will help you in your fight to Treasure Jesus and find happiness which is only found in Him.

*Please notice that I didn’t put my website on this pictures but it is from my personal journal. Feel free to save it, put it on your own blog, or pin it but please link back to my website :).*

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1 comment:

  1. Ok seriously Marcie, you have an awesome blog and I love it! Feel like a kindred spirit of wanting God to be glorified in everything. 🙂