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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Countering Gossip through the Cross.

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Gossip. You know the one sin we mask and makes jokes about because it’s not really that bad. We must come to a point though, especially as women, where we counter our tendency to gossip and the way we do this is through the Cross.

What’s behind gossip? It’s easy to be convinced that it’s just passing along information. That we have those friends or family members that we tell everything to. I’m beginning to see a few things that are behind this ugly little masked word.

As women we seem to get our feelings hurt, a lot and easily. When this happens we usually make it  a habit to tell someone else. I think the reason we tell someone else is for justification. We believe that if we voice our hurt, anger, frustration to someone else they will say they agree. Usually, they do. They say, “I just don’t understand how they could do that to you.” This in return convinces us that we haven’t done anything wrong and the wrongdoer needs to get their life straightened out and stop hurting you.

Let’s be honest, sometimes that person is intentionally hurting you. Maybe they are being truly ‘mean’ and trying to upset you. I think where we miss the mark is when we don’t forgive. I’m not saying to just tell your self, don’t waste your time being mad, just forgive and move on. That doesn’t really work. I’m also not telling you to just remember Jesus’ words to love. I’m not saying, forgive because that’s the right thing to do or would make God happy with you.

What I am saying is forgive as you are forgiven today. Stop. Remember your sins of today. Reflect on how you just stretched the truth to make yourself look better, how you were just impatient with you child, how you were unkind to you spouse and demanded your way. Now, remember that in that moment or your sin God was pursuing you, relentlessly. He wasn’t crossing his arms saying, “Forget you, I do so much for you and this is how you repay me.” God looks at you in your sinful, ungrateful mess and says, “I’m pleased with you because of the Cross. You have an advocate and because of His perfect life and your faith in that life you are forgiven. You are loved because of the Cross. You are pleasing to the Father because of the Cross. Do you deserve it? No. In those sinful moments you don’t deserve it, yet you are. 

What’s a way we can break our destructive tendencies of Gossip? By soaking in the Cross. May we not forgetting how sinful we are, today, in this moment and how God’s love is towards us, in this moment because of Jesus. Undeserved loved is displayed to you. When we realize this undeserving love we can forgive that person who is hurting us. We can love them because we are being loved.

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1 comment:

  1. Mary @ Woman to WomanOctober 9, 2012 at 4:06 PM

    You've done an excellent job of taking the lace tablecloth off the pile of garbage! Gossip is so insidious. We (I) can dress it up to look like 'concern' or 'in need of prayer'. Yep, I'm busted! Thanks for tackling this very important subject.
    I'm a new follower and would love for you to visit and follow! Thanks!