5 Common Problems with CNC Machine Setup and Maintenance

July 22, 2021 lifestyle

CNC machine setup is very complex, and it requires very experienced technicians to perform maintenance and checkups. That is why Tekcel CNC machine setup offers such services to their clients. Tekcel is the leading manufacturer of CNC machine setup; thus they are the one that facilitates CNC routing.

At the end of the day, a CNC router machine just like any other machine, prolonged use of CNC may cause a breakdown. CNC routing is always essential for factories owner to always check and maintain their CNC tools. Keeping the tools will ensure that they serve their purpose for a very long time and enhance the productivity of the given factory.

They advocate and encourage the CNC routing maintenance of their products to affirm that owners can experience the full advantage of the Tekcel CNC router machine. Tekcel group has well-trained engineers whose primary function and job is to evaluate the performance of these CNC routers. They offer a CNC routing service in case your Tekcel CNC router breaks down, the company will send some of their experienced and well-trained engineers to come and identify or instead solve the problem.

However, the technician from Tekcel CNC router not only visits you when your machinery breaks down but also visits you when a message reminder pops up. These maintenance visits mostly rely on the time the machine has run. With a touchscreen controller, the Tekcel factory technicians can examine any problems that your device might be having and find or suggest a perfect solution to the problem.

Tekcel CNC router trains their engineers extensively, and in case of complex issues associated with their product, they visit your site and operate from there. Tekcel CNC routers have an open telephone line where factory owners can communicate and talk with the representative any time of the day to allow solving of simple problems. They also offer online services to ease communications with their customers.

Several common problems are associated with CNC routers. These problems mostly arise due to a lack of proper maintenance and maybe because the tools become old as time goes by. Here are three issues that may affect CNC routing services:

1. Errors With Programming in CNC Machine Setup

It is the most common problem associated with these machines. It is mainly done by newbie employees; however, this is a straightforward problem and is easily solved by rebooting the system.

Also, training is required to educate the newbie employees on how to use the router. Training the employee will reduce the chances of a programming error happening again.

2. Improper Maintenance in CNC Machine Setup

Lack of maintenance on the system may lead to damage and decreased productivity. Lack of care may cause overheating of the machines, thus causing them to break down.

3. Improper Settings

Owners should ensure that the system is always ready for work. It means that they will facilitate changing of blunt blades and oiling joints.

4. Over-Heating

Overheating is common because most CNC machines have no downtime. Unfortunately, this leads to lower output quality, degraded tools, and malfunctioning machines.

That is why it is critical to schedule regular cleanings to remove waste buildups such as dirt, and metal shavings, and cut coolant from the equipment. You must also provide adequate ventilation around the machine because insufficient airflow causes temperature instability.

5. Inadequate Power Supply

Because of their immense complexity, CNC machines’ efficiency can be jeopardised by an incompatible power supply, such as using an incompatible socket. Compatible power supplies must power CNC machines with the proper voltage settings for the input side. Any power supply issues beyond that necessitate the intervention of certified electricians to inspect the power supply for errors and ensure proper rectification.

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