2023 Best Online Bedroom Furniture Stores in Australia

November 28, 2022 bedroom

Furnishing a bedroom is a more difficult task than it appears. On the surface, only a few pieces of bedroom furniture are required:

  • A bed
  • Side tables
  • Lamps

But scratch the surface and you’ll see that the plethora of options for each piece is enough to send even the most seasoned furniture shopper into a frenzy. Choosing an aesthetic, from Scandi minimalism to bohemian eclecticism, can be more difficult than finding the pieces to go with it. However, paying more attention to the décor of your bedroom makes sense.

It’s the only room in your house that is solely yours, and it should be a place for you to relax and recharge. It should be a haven, a haven, a respite from the stresses of everyday life. Furthermore, given that humans spend roughly one-third of their lives sleeping, we’re bound to spend a lot of time there.

There’s no shortage of furniture stores out there stocking furniture and décor to suit every aesthetic, whether you’re looking for the perfect art deco-inspired bed frame or unique light fixtures to give the room a warm glow. But, as the saying goes, too many options are a prison, and it’s easy to get caught up in the sheer variety on offer. DWYHM Living has streamlined the search for you, rounding up the best bedroom furniture brands for every taste to help you avoid bedroom chaos.

Continue reading to put your mind at ease.

Bedroom Furniture: Top Picks from DWYHM Living

  • Poliform has the best selection of bed frames.
  • Domo is the best luxury furniture brand.
  • Jardan is the best made-to-order furniture brand.
  • Fred International is the best Scandinavian-inspired furniture brand.
  • Cult has the best lighting range.

2023 Best Online Bedroom Furniture Stores in Australia

poliform bedroom furniture

Poliform Bedroom Furniture

As previously stated, you will spend roughly one-third of your life sleeping, so why not invest in a beautiful bed to do so? Poliform, an Italian brand that first debuted in Australia over 15 years ago, maybe produce the most eye-catching beds on the market, all of which are handcrafted in Italy.

Poliform’s beds seamlessly blend function and comfort and are designed in collaboration with the design world’s preeminent talents, from architects to interior designers, with all pieces undergoing rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality standards. If luxurious, statement-making beds that last a lifetime while looking stunning are a top priority on your bedroom checklist, Poliform should be at the top of your list.

domo bedroom furniture


Domo, Australia’s premier stockist of designer European furniture, is the place to go for high-end, luxury furniture. Domo, which was founded nearly 40 years ago, is the country’s trusted authority in sourcing and selling difficult-to-find pieces from around the world. The company’s offerings, which range from Ligne Roset to Wittmann, are the epitome of boldness.

Could we recommend Wittmann’s ‘wings’ bed as an extra-special piece to add some wow factor to the boudoir? This king bed is upholstered in deep forest green or blood-red velvet and features integrated reading lamps and side tables. It is all of your bedroom furniture rolled into one stunning piece.

jardan bedroom furniture


It’s no secret that mass-produced furniture, like fashion, is of lower quality. Given the longevity we expect from furniture, considering made-to-order alternatives is the long-term and sustainable way to reduce the likelihood of having to replace a piece only a few years after purchasing it. Jardan is an Australian brand that has been producing small-batch, made-to-order furniture since 1987, using only the highest quality materials.

The company’s philosophy is based on craftsmanship, with the belief that no machine can replace the human hand and eye. As a result, its bedroom furniture is minimalistic and sleek, with the company’s dedication to quality visible in the attention to detail.

fred international

Fred International

Scandinavian-style furniture isn’t necessarily difficult to find. After all, it is one of the most popular interior aesthetics due to its ability to instantly instil a sense of zen in any room. However, locating genuine Scandi furniture on the other side of the world is far more difficult.

Fred International, on the other hand, is making the hunt a lot easier. Fred International, founded in 2007, offers a curated collection of Scandinavian furniture that is both in stock and made-to-order. Fred International works with brands from all over Scandinavia to bring you the highest quality, most authentic furniture, lighting, and accessories for your bedroom and beyond.



In a bedroom, the right lighting can do wonders. The shape and size of lamps or pendant lights can not only create a warm, calming atmosphere, but they can also really tie a room together.

Cult, an Australian store, has the ultimate collection of one-of-a-kind lights. Cult’s range of table lamps from brands like &Tradition and Fritz Hansen is the perfect sculptural addition to a side table, while its selection of pendant and wall lights add the ultimate touch of luxury to a bedroom.

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