Bed Desk Combo for Small Children’s Bedroom

November 16, 2020 bedroom

It is essential to keep your children comfortable in their bedrooms. Because of that, it is a must for you to improve their bedroom just like what they want. The problem is that you only have a small bedroom for them and it seems that they need more space there.

To solve this problem, it is good to take a bed and desk combination. Taking the bed and desk combo is an option because it doesn’t need too much area. Moreover, there is also a desk that can be used for different regions.

In short, a bed and desk combination is a unique option for small children’s bedrooms. This article gives you more references about mixing and matching bed and desk combinations to keep your children comfortable without losing a lot of space in their bedrooms. Later, they will have two different items in one area which are the sleeping area and one area on the desk.

Don’t forget to choose the colour and the design to create the atmosphere that your children like most. The good news is that the reference below is easy to apply and affordable. The idea is to create a great bedroom for children in a small bedroom area.

Wall Combo

Simplicity becomes the characteristic of modern home design including furniture. So, if you are about to use a modern design in your beloved house, you can just take the wall bed and desk combo. The best part of using this type of desk and bed combo is your children can hide their master bed.

When it is hidden, they can see a desk for study. This bed and desk combination works for you who have only a small bedroom for your kids. The idea is to prepare a place to study for your beloved kids as well as a place to sleep when they are tired after learning some complicated subjects.

Kids Combo

Having twins or more than one kid can be difficult especially if you only have a small bedroom. A bed and desk combination can be a perfect solution to this problem. Let’s say, you just need to find a kids’ bed and desk combo for twins.

You can take the bunk bed and desk combination for your lovely kids. In this case, there are two beds at the top and the bottom. Then, there is also a desk beside the bedroom and it is an area for study.

This bed and desk combination is considered as three in one solution. You can solve the space area as well as the difficulty to manage the furniture.

Hidden Bed

One more solution for the small bedroom for kids is by putting a hidden bed and desk combo. Just like the name of the furniture, this desk bed combo is hiding the bed. You can just hide the bed horizontally.

The installation is close to the wall so it looks like the bed is part of the desk. When you open it, you will have a comfortable bed. You don’t need to worry because the essential items on the desk will be safe although you are opening the bed.

It is a great desk bed combo not only for your children but also for you who have a small bedroom and need a working desk and also a bed.

What is the bed-desk combo?

It combines a bed and a desk in a seamless design that allows the desk to be lifted to allow the bed to be lowered. This system is simple and clever, and it can be applied to other pieces of furniture to save space. Other ways to combine a bed and a desk exist.

What is the weight capacity of the bed-desk combo?

If it is designed for a twin mattress, a bed desk typically holds 91 – 118 kg of weight. A twin-size bed desk is the same. Bed desks with higher weight limits can support up to 272 kg.

It is important to note that this weight includes the sleeper, the mattress, and any bedding.

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