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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Adoption Articles

November is National Adoption Month. Frequently bloggers write about their story of adopting but rarely do I see posts by bloggers who have been adopted. Amy from Making a Joyful Home has written about tips from her perspective of being adoptive.

This lady is amazing, she has been praying with me while I’m in the adoption process, e-mailed me explaining lots of helpful things and just encouraged me during seemingly disappointing adoption news. Check out these articles and seriously follow her blog, you won’t be disappointed.
November is National Adoption Month. Introduction to adoption itself, spiritual adoption.

What Adoptees Want Their Parents to Know. Three things that I think every adoptive family should read. This article explains from an adoptee perspective some things you should and shouldn’t say to your adoptive {aka your} children.

Adoption Links. A list consisting of excellent adoption articles.

May God continue to spread the word about adoption and rise up His church to adopt the orphan. May He continue to teach each one of us about our own adoption in Christ!

If anyone has an adoption story/advice feel free to comment in the comment section and bloggers leave a link about your adoption story, I love to read all of them!

{FYI, Amy had no idea I endorsed her blog, she didn’t ask me to, I just want my readers to be exposed and read other faithful Jesus loving gals!}

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