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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Trash to Treasured Bench!

Many, many, months ago I jumped into my mini van with my little girl armed with a few bucks to see if I could find anything to catch my eye. I was looking for things to put in my home, cheap things that people didn’t want anymore but that would amazing in my home. All of a sudden something caught my eye. It wasn’t much to look at, it was ugly, ugly, ugly. It had chipping paint everywhere(notice the specks in the picture below). It was trash at first sight but I knew it had potential! It was sturdy and only $5 bucks! 

After loading it up and bringing it home my husband wasn’t as thrilled as I was, he only saw trash ;(. It sat in the garage for many months. It never got around to being the beauty I wanted it to be so right before we moved we settled on selling it in a yard sale ;( but, we forgot to put it in the yard so it remained. 

Days before our big move across state I was able to finally purchase my first ever Chalk Paint by Anne Sloan!!! Even though I was so busy with the move I was able to paint most of the bench before we moved because the dry time is seriously 30 minutes! This bench was completely experimental! I did nothing to this bench except wipe it clean. It was literally chipping, peeling and rough. I did not sand it or prime it. All I did was turn on some Andrew Peterson and slap paint on it and two coats later plus some wax for protection and she is trasnformed! 

Before pictures:

Transformed Bench

They kind of look like two different colors but I promise they are not! The lighting was a little different due to the iPad pic verses the ‘real’ camera pic! The color I used is Old White and Duck Egg the bottom picture is truer to color. The top of the bench is old white and duck egg the bottom of the bench is only duck egg. 

Just in case you use Chalk Paint and are interested:

Top of Bench.
2 coats of Old White
2 coats of Duck Egg.
 sand block to make a vintage look (that’s why you can see the white peeking through)

Legs and bottom of bench
2 coats of Duck Egg.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Adoption Day is officially September 18, 2012!
I’m taking a few days off of blogging to be with my precious children as we rejoice together about the mercies of God through Adoption. This adoption is a testimony of the Lord’s gracious hand. He providentially lead us to begin the adoption process before we began trying to have biological children. This was weird for us, and I’m sure all our family and friends to adopt first but it’s what we really sensed was the right thing for us to do.
 Now, we understand. These precious children needed a home almost immediately after we were an approved home! The Lord has saved these children from such a scary situation in their precious home. It has been over a 2 year journey for us with them, battling in court and they were removed from their birth home a year prior to coming into our lives.
 These children have experienced so much hardship, trials, abuse, so many homes, but they finally have a forever family. This home will not be perfect, their mom and dad are sinners but by grace we will love, cherish, protect and invest our lives in them. We have prayed, so many have prayed, during this whole process for these children. The day of our adoption was a fairytale. It was surreal and it still takes my breathe away and tears flow when I realize that it’s finally finished. They are finally Fowlers! 


Jayden Matthew (named after my hubby)

Jazlynn Carol (named after me)

ALL photos were taken by Rebecca Johnston Photography

I want to share so many details with you about our Adoption Day, the Amazing place we stayed, the story behind my daughters outfit, and an amazing adoption party that was hosted for us by a lady I had never personally met! I will share as soon as I can!

If your not a fan of ‘Don’t Waste your Homemaking’ on Facebook, I would love for you to ‘like’ it and feel free to see more pictures of my kids and get further updates about this blog!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Funnies!

This is a funny parent video!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

6 Days until Adoption Day!

We are 6 days away from finalizing everything with our adoption! I can’t wait! Yes, expect a picture from this chalkboard everyday until it’s final! This is 2 years and 8 months in the making, so, yes, it’s a big deal :).

 I’ve shared little about our kids, their stories, pictures of them because of legality reasons but when this chalkboard reaches ‘Adoption Day’ expect to see their precious little faces up on this blog! Pin It Now!

Chalk Paint. {intro}

Chalk Paint lover.

I guess I could now add that to my resume. Painting junked furniture with Annie Sloan paint is my new favorite hobby, it’s seriously amazing. I’ve been working on a few pieces to update my home with that look ugly and outdated junk I find on street curbs and thrift stores. The problem I’ve found is the huge amount of time it takes. As mamas, we have limited time and I don’t want my children to grow up and only remember their mom painting in the garage! Sanding, priming, dry time, first coat of paint, dry time, second coat of paint, dry time, finishing wax or preserver, dry time, then your done = way too much time!

My solution? Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. In all seriousness, I’m not getting paid or a discount for naming this but when I find something I like this much and think it will make your life easier (at least you’re painting furniture hobby) then I’m going to pass it along!


 Favorite things about this paint?
No sanding.
No priming.
Very little dry time.
Beautiful color.
Works on just about any surface but designed for furniture.

I purchased my Chalk paint the week before I moved across state but took the time to try it out anyway! I’m in the process of painting the most junkiest thing I’ve ever seen, no, I’m serious! My little girl and I set out for a few yard sales and found a bench for $5. It had tons of chipping something coming off of it, I didn’t really know if it was repairable. My husband titled it junk and after a few months of not painting it we were going to put it into a yard sale. We forgot to put it in and I’m glad we did because after buying chalk paint its look fabulous! I’m not finished with it but when I am it’s going on this blog for all to see the transforming work of chalk paint!

The catch with the paint is the cost. It is quite expensive but for me it’s worth it because of the beauty of the paint and the amount of time you save! The other small catch is finding where to purchase it! It’s not sold in your big stores, only local small stores! Where I just moved from the closest paint realtor was an hour and half away, now just an hour! 

Have you used Annie Sloan paint before? Are you in love? If you have some pictures of things you’ve transformed with this paint, please shoot me an email with pictures!

Both of these pictures came from Perfectly Imperfect Blog. Shaunna West does amazing things with this paint, check her out!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Adoption Day is 7 Days Away!

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Things Worth Writing Down.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Unwasted Homemaking Party #37

Welcome back to the Unwanted Homemaking Linky! Yes, it’s been a while. Life has been more hectic than it ever has but I’m a bit more settled now! My house isn’t all the way unpacked but my computer is! Looking forward to seeing your devotionals to share, your craftiness and your yummy goodness linked up! Link up as many as you want since it’s been a while! Next week I will feature several of my favorites :)!

Get ready to party {Homemaker’s style}. If your a blogger…
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Keep it related to Homemaking… which only excludes a few things. Any recipe, family tradition, devotional on homemaking/mothering, cleaning tip, craft etc

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What’s Missing?

                                                                                               photo via.

What’s missing today? As women we say with strong language that all we need is Christ. I say it. I think I mean it, but often I don’t. I want to be a voice of reminder to myself and to you that all we need is Christ.

We don’t need:

1. a clean house.
2. an organized cupboard.
3. zero piles of laundry.
 4. dishes not stacked high in the sink.
5. to be physically fit.
6. cook only organic.
7. perfect children.
8. to never mess up.
9. to have a spouse that never messes up.
10. to have a girls night.
11. to have a date night.
12. to have a perfectly decorated country living home.
13. to make our little girls cute pillowcase dresses.
14. to never order pizza.
15. to recycle.
16. wake up early before sunrise.
17. to have it all together.

I really hesitate to publish this list because all 16 things are good. They all can make much of Christ and can make things in our life easier and smooth. Having a clean house and organized drawers helps, tremendously. Cooking organic, in my opinion, approves over all health. At the same time I don’t need any of the above things to be happy. I don’t have to have it all together. My children can bicker and fight and yet my happiness and joy remains. I can wake up late and feel my day is completely two hours behind but I can still have joy and satisfying happiness. Exercising is good and I have an abundance of energy when I do this, but if I don’t, it’s okay.

Maybe it’s my personality, maybe it’s my wanting to please others, including the Lord that causes me to be happy when I accomplish things and depressed when I don’t. I need to constantly remind myself that I am pleasing to the Lord because of Christ. I make much of Him and Treasure Him in all things, even when the house is messy Jesus can be magnified.  Sometimes my children need more reading too and snuggles and laundry has to pile. Sometimes I just seem to not get anything done. Whatever the case we can rest our minds on the wonderful truths of the Gospel.

We are made right today with God because of the Cross. We are counted as righteous, perfect, favorable, heirs, children because of the Cross. We no longer clean our house and organized everything in sight to be pleasing and ‘work for the Lord’s approval.’ We no longer discipline our children in order to make God smile at us. We strive, work, pour our lives into our homes, children, spouse, friends, church and others because of the love that is shown to us. Today, when we sin we are washed clean and seen as perfection because of the Cross. May we see how undeserved love is displayed to us and strive to keep our homes in order, rise early, to discipline our children, not out of duty but out of a gratefulness of our undeserved love.  When we fail, may we be a peace knowing we aren’t reconciled to God by our actions by remember that our hope is in Christ.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Alternatives to Television.

image via

This past week I made a quick on the wimp decision to not watch any t.v. for the week. I watched maybe 20 minutes of a show on netflix. I didn’t cut out internet but I did t.v., netflix, hulu, movies, all together. The reason was not that that I felt the shows were bad, wrong and changing my thoughts to ungodliness but stealing chunks of my time.

My biggest beef with entertainment is the time wasting nature of it. You sit and your thoughts are taken away by things that leave you no time to process or hear your own thoughts. During the first year of having my children (through adoption) it was very stressful. Placing two children (3 and 5 at the time) into our family, after they had already been in 5 different homes in little over a year, was an extremely difficult task. Throw in being a first time parent, extreme anger and distrust from the 5 year old and you make for a very difficult season.

Each day I literally lived in survival mode, I never knew what was coming my way, physically, mentally, emotionally. Just to be honest here, when bedtime for the little ones rolled around, I needed a break. Mentally, emotionally, physically I just couldn’t handle anymore for the night. I needed a distraction and I honestly couldn’t read due to my extreme tiredness. So what happened? I turned to shows, movies to ‘veg out’.

The shows I watched weren’t necessary terrible but they weren’t profitable. I think that began a pattern of putting the kids to bed and mellowing out with netflix. A few years later I’m beginning to really see how much time I’m spending doing this. Usually I am really tired after the kids are tucked in and I’m too tired to read. I’ve spent the last few years justifying watching a few hours a night watching shows because the alternative was reading but I just couldn’t do it, I was too exhausted.

This past week I began to brainstorm on things I could do at night other than routinely turning on netflix and possibilities beyond reading, if I’m too sleepy. So here are some alternatives that have helped me, some I have done this past week, others I plan to do this week:

Catch up on e-mails.
Catch up on facebook messages from friends.
Plan blog posts.
Take a long relaxing bath.
Paint my nails.
Make one last tidy up run through the house so it’s straight when I wake up.
Simply enjoy a hot cup of tea.
Brain storm homeschool ideas.
Think through the day, how my kids are coping with moving, adoption and ways I could reinforce my love for them the next day.
Ask the husband questions about what I’m reading in the morning.
Chalk paint a piece of furniture that’s in need of some love.
Browse on pinterest (yes, this can be a huge time waster, so be careful but for me it’s more profitable than watching t.v.)
Work on a craft or project.
Browse cookbooks and find new recipes to try.
Upload pictures from camera and edit.
Play a game with your spouse.
Write a handwritten letter to someone and send it through snail mail.
Send out a needed thank you card.
Read meaningful posts from bloggers.
Skype a friend.
Go to bed early.

I’m not trying to tell you to throw your t.v. out to the curb or unsubscribe to netflix but just think about how much time you spend on it. Is it too much? Is there something else you could be doing? I know the  above suggestions aren’t just spiritual tasks but I think most of them give you room to think, hear your thoughts, question them , align them with the Cross. It gives you time to work on a project that you need to or things that usually are on your to do list that keep getting pushed back.  Do you find yourself gravitating to too much t.v. at night? What do you do instead of watching t.v? Pin It Now!

Friday Funnies.

Source: via Marcie on Pinterest

This isn’t the best picture but it’s too funny! Anybody wished for this sign before?
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Countering Gossip through the Cross.

image via.

Gossip. You know the one sin we mask and makes jokes about because it’s not really that bad. We must come to a point though, especially as women, where we counter our tendency to gossip and the way we do this is through the Cross.

What’s behind gossip? It’s easy to be convinced that it’s just passing along information. That we have those friends or family members that we tell everything to. I’m beginning to see a few things that are behind this ugly little masked word.

As women we seem to get our feelings hurt, a lot and easily. When this happens we usually make it  a habit to tell someone else. I think the reason we tell someone else is for justification. We believe that if we voice our hurt, anger, frustration to someone else they will say they agree. Usually, they do. They say, “I just don’t understand how they could do that to you.” This in return convinces us that we haven’t done anything wrong and the wrongdoer needs to get their life straightened out and stop hurting you.

Let’s be honest, sometimes that person is intentionally hurting you. Maybe they are being truly ‘mean’ and trying to upset you. I think where we miss the mark is when we don’t forgive. I’m not saying to just tell your self, don’t waste your time being mad, just forgive and move on. That doesn’t really work. I’m also not telling you to just remember Jesus’ words to love. I’m not saying, forgive because that’s the right thing to do or would make God happy with you.

What I am saying is forgive as you are forgiven today. Stop. Remember your sins of today. Reflect on how you just stretched the truth to make yourself look better, how you were just impatient with you child, how you were unkind to you spouse and demanded your way. Now, remember that in that moment or your sin God was pursuing you, relentlessly. He wasn’t crossing his arms saying, “Forget you, I do so much for you and this is how you repay me.” God looks at you in your sinful, ungrateful mess and says, “I’m pleased with you because of the Cross. You have an advocate and because of His perfect life and your faith in that life you are forgiven. You are loved because of the Cross. You are pleasing to the Father because of the Cross. Do you deserve it? No. In those sinful moments you don’t deserve it, yet you are. 

What’s a way we can break our destructive tendencies of Gossip? By soaking in the Cross. May we not forgetting how sinful we are, today, in this moment and how God’s love is towards us, in this moment because of Jesus. Undeserved loved is displayed to you. When we realize this undeserving love we can forgive that person who is hurting us. We can love them because we are being loved.

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