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Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th Decor

Thanks for everyone who linked up 4th Decor on the
Unwasted Homemkaing Party here are my favorites!

Patriotic Table Setting
Lady Behind the Curtain has tons of pics of her table setting for the 4th, love them all!

Star Spangled Kabob Treats
Lady Behind the Curtain created this cute Star Spangled Krispie Treats!

Mini Firecracker Cupcakes
Lady Behind the Curtain has an amazing tutorial on making this adorable mini firecrackers!

Of Thee I Sing Printable
Taidye Original has this adorable printable, just print and frame!

Check out a few ideas I have about Vintage Patriotic Decor.

Ribbon & Lace American Flag
Agape Love Designs has put together an easy tutorial on making this flag using ribbon and lace.

4th of July of Wreath
O. Alouette has a very patriotic wreath tutorial that would be a great edition to your 4th celebration!
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Organizing Kid’s Room {part 2}

Welcome back Alana organizing blogger from Taylor Made Home. Last week she shared some excellent tips to getting our kiddo’s rooms in an organized shape where they can keep it up! This week she will continue to share her wealth of organizing tips, hope you enjoy!

Let me speak to the moms out there first:

Now I know this series is about organizing kid’s bedrooms and/or playrooms buuuuut, if we were honest, how many would admit that on any given day our living rooms look more like playrooms because of the toys? Don’t be shy. Raise your hand because I’ve got mine raised too!

Switching gears just a bit, let’s talk about how you entertain with other families. Of course, if the children are the same age then they will usually entertain each other and play together. But what happens with you’ve got a ten-year-old and your dinner guests have a three-year-old? I recommend that as long as you have friends who are still having children, then you have a small assortment of toys for each age group from baby on up.

What do I mean? Grab a basket and put toys in it that are appropriate for babies. Get another baskets and store away toddler toys. Find yet another and stash some games or books for elementary age. Once you’ve gotten a pretty good assortment and all the toys are categorized, store them in a location that isn’t in the way of your day-to-day life but is easy to get to when company comes. (Ex – linen closet? mudroom? pantry? laundry room?- anywhere is fine.)
If you’re having trouble remembering what a two year old likes to play with, then go to any online store and search the approriate age group. Most stores have categories like “ages 2-4” and “ages 6-8”. From there you can see what will probably appeal to your little guests and then either purchase directly from that store or better yet, go to yard sales and thrift stores to buy secondhand (just be sure to thoroughly clean your purchases before handing them over to little hands).

The only age you really don’t have to plan for is the age of your own kids because the toys in your child’s room should suffice and it will teach “junior” how to share his own things.
Now, I’d like to talk to those of you who don’t have kids of your own:
Even if you don’t have kids (yet?), I bet you have friends who do have children. Right? Well, I am about to give you some tips that are going to make those friends think you are amazing!
How often do you invite those friends-with-kids over and the parents end up spending all of their time chasing the little ones around because there isn’t anything to occupy them (the kids, not your friends)? Well, the solution is as easy as providing toys for those children to play with. How? Follow the same advice I gave the moms above, beginning with the paragraph that begins with: “What do I mean?…”.
Everyone back together now:
Whether your kids make your living room look like a disaster zone or you want to know where to stash those toys for your guests, these products can provide the storage you want with the style your used to:


Take a console table like the one above, add baskets to the lower shelf, and voila! You’ve got toy storage. The baskets are easily accessible by the kids and clean up will be a breeze.

Behold, the super-multi-tasking storage ottoman. Keeps toys inside while providing extra seating. All you have to decide is whether you want to get several smaller ones (as shown above) or…

Or, go with one large piece. Remember, if you choose the larger one, it’s best to categorize the toys and then stash those baskets or bins inside the larger ottoman. Otherwise, it’s nothing more than a plush toy box…and you know how I feel about toy boxes!


Another option is to take something that was meant for an entryway/mudroom and turn it into a window bench (placed under a window, of course). Purchasing/using one like the example above will give you three separate compartments for toys.

Of course, if you don’t have any of these items above, simply grab yourself a large box or basket and put all kinds of toys in it. Yes, the kids will have to do a little digging to find what they want, but if you don’t mind the extra minute or two of clean up (it’s really not that hard to toss everything into a basket), then all that matters is that your youngest guests are happy.

No matter what you decide to use, don’t forget to label all baskets, bins, or boxes! Makes finding what you need easier for you and for the kids.

Alana is a wife, mother of one, and lover of all things home. She thrives on organizing and believes that learning this skill can improve ALL areas of your life. Although her blog started out as just a creative outlet, it is quickly becoming her passion as it allows her to help women effectively manage their busy lives.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Undefiled Marriage Bed

“Marriage at its exquisite peak of pleasure speaks powerfully the truth of covenant-keeping love between Christ and his church. And that love is the most powerful force in the world. It is not surprising then that Satan’s defeat, Christ’s glory, and our pleasure should come together in this undefiled marriage bed.” {This Momentary Marriage pg. 135}

image via
What a beautiful thought, that when your marriage bed is undefiled Satan has a defeat, Christ is glorified and you receive pleasure. Although I’m almost certain that an undefiled marriage bed isn’t simply refraining from sexual relations with someone other than your spouse, I do think this is a major issue in defiling the marriage bed between you and your beloved.

Two actions that can lead to a defiled marriage bed when pertaining to sexual issues outside your covenant are not giving yourself to your spouse and engaging in ‘women porn’.

Give yourself to your spouse.

Please actually take time to consider how much you deny yourself to your husband. Are you annoyed when he tries to pursue you in sex? Are you frustrated when you undress and he watches and likes it? Don’t be! This is a good thing. I’ve noticed that women tend to become annoyed at their husband quickly after marriage with those two things in particular but please know that God has designed that typically men have more of a physical need/attraction to sex, and it’s not a bad or dirty thing. When we give ourselves to our husbands unreservedly {grandite there are times when your sick or when it’s not possible} you are helping to protect and keep your marriage bed undefiled. Ladies, when we aren’t giving ourselves to our husbands Satan will be able to strongly tempt him in this way. image via

Destroy your porn.

I know many of your reaction are that that’s something you have never struggled with and you want to skip to the next paragraph, but will you stick around? Dr. Russell Moore has brought up some amazing insight into ‘women’s porn.’ He explains that women are destroying their marriages because of the porn in their life that they don’t even see. Want to know what he says this is? Fiction Novels. {Please put down the virtual boo noises and keep reading} In the Christian circles secular fiction novels are well agreed upon as being raunchy and laced with affairs but, what about the ladies who have moved on to the Christian fiction novels and don’t read the secular filth? {image via}

Does your ‘Christian’ fiction novel portray a man whose the godliest of them all? The romantic, ever so selfless, always helping around the house and the best spiritual leader the world has yet to see {Puritans can’t even measure up}? Does he run to his wife’s aid and pray for her every need and never become frustrated when she does something wrong? The answer is probably yes, most Christian fiction novels portray this ‘perfect Christian’ man. {image via}

Do you see the danger in this? The danger is that ‘he’ doesn’t exist. Just like we’re never going to always portray the Proverbs 31 woman our husband will never live up to perfection. When you read those novels or even watch some movies that do the same, you can begin to be discontent with your spouse. Frustrated that their not more romantic or leading in more prayer time with your family and began to fantasize {have thoughts} about being married to that guy. Even though ‘that guy’ may not be a real person, don’t you think Satan can pick up on your discontentment and put a guy that seems like your fantasize guy in your way?

image via

May we be reminded that we must fight for our marriage bed to be undefiled, may we not idly sit back and let weeds grow up to the point where we destroy our marriage, yes there is much grace and forgiveness even when this occurs but, save the heartache and save the name of Christ so He can be gloriously displayed when your covenant is kept intact.

{ This Momentary Marriage is an excellent book to read, although I thought it was simply about marriage it is so profound at getting to the root of issues in marriage. You can download a free copy in PDF form here, or purchase it here for $6.99}

{I’m aware that I said maybe two not so nice words {Sex and Porn} but, I believe that it needs to be said, if we deny these things they don’t go away they just come our way unnoticed and lead to temptations that will end in tragedy.}

Do you see the issue of wives not giving themselves to their spouse as a problem?

Do you notice the tendency of christian fiction novels to cause wives to fantasize about someone other than their husbands?

What are some ways you try to guard your marriage bed?

I’m linking this: Women Living Well, Time Warp Wife, Raising Homemakers, Women in the Word Wednesday,We are THAT Fam


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Monday, June 27, 2011

Decor for the 4th

A few weeks ago I snapped a few photos at a Memorial Day Party I hosted in my backyard that I hope you can use for your get togethers next week. If anyone has 4th decor they want to share please link it up at my

My mother-in-law gave me this old school desk that my husband used as a little boy, I dressed it up with pinning a flag on the back and adding my antique fan for a patriotic look. I also brought out my antique tea pot and used it for sunblock storage!

On the feasting table I added a framed word play off Memorial Day. I have fallen in LOVE with making these, I plan to make a new one for the 4th!

Instead of using my glass pitcher outside I decided to use an old glass pickle jar I had for the lemonade. I also added a little extra touch to everything by taking scrapbook flag paper and labeling what the item was and kept it together with a bit of twine!

What are you doing on the 4th?
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Unwasted Homemaking Party #20

Homemaking party #20 is here! Hope to see some 4th of July ideas, I can’t believe it’s only a week away!!! *If you post an Independence Day idea I really like I will post it mid week! Loved all the linkups last week!!! I’ve picked just two {could have picked many more} to share with you.

A Special Ministry
Read this very thoughtful devotional about our roles as mothers.

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls
Check out these DeLisH cinnamon rolls with bacon! Can’t wait to make these soon!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Because He first loved us.

“We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19 ESV

What is our motivation or reasons behind our love and acts of love? Are we accustomed to being patient with our little ones, forgiving our wronged spouses or helping feed the poor because that’s the right thing to do? Have we, as Christians, tried to display our love to others to conform to some standard of human good? If we’re honest a lot of times this is the case.

In 1 John we see a different motivator behind good works, the Gospel. Why does John simplify our love for others due to the fact that God first loved us? The reasoning is profound, because the Cross is where the ultimate display of love has been laid out before us.

At the Cross we see how God first loved us. He poured out the wrath we deserve on Christ, because of love. He canceled our record of sin debt. Due to the cross we have grace {unmerited favor} and mercy {not getting what we deserve}.

Reflecting on the Gospel shouldn’t merely consist of thinking how Jesus died on a cross for our sins and rose three days later, the end. We should see, think and breathe all that the Cross displays: grace, mercy, forgiveness and the ultimate display of love. When we meditate in each moment, each action on the Gospel we will be rooted in the Gospel.

When the Gospel is at the root of our hearts, when we consider the love that God had first for us, then from us can freely flow love. Then I will glorify God and display the treasure of Jesus because my heart is rooted in Christ.

Two ways we can dishonor God even in ‘good things’ or loving acts is by either performing those things because it’s our duty and we believe we have to do them or because we do them to be a better Christian. May we be free from both of these wrong motives. May God continue to teach our hearts that the Gospel is our core, that at the Cross we see God truly loved us, despite our sinful state and may acts of love flow freely from that rooted Gospel heart.

{image via}

I’m linking this: Women Living Well, Time Warp Wife, Raising Homemakers, Women in the Word Wednesday,We are THAT Family

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Organizing Kid’s Room {part 1}

Has anyone noticed how I have a lovely tab at the top of this blog labeled ‘organizing’ yet there aren’t many posts? Truth is I enjoy organization but, I’m a work in progress when it comes to this area of homemaking. Although I don’t have a lot of organizing posts I want to expose you some excellent bloggers who have some rocking organizing ideas.

Meet Alana who shares her organizing tips at Taylor Made Home. Alana is a wife, mother of one, and lover of all things home. She thrives on organizing and believes that learning this skill can improve ALL areas of your life. Although her blog started out as just a creative outlet, it is quickly becoming her passion as it allows her to help women effectively manage their busy lives. She will be sharing with you part 1 of organizing kid’s rooms {look for part 2 next week}.



We all had one when we were growing up but they are not the best organizing solution for toys (especially ones with small parts). Think about it: when a child goes to look for the toy that he/she wants to play with, which also happens to be at the bottom of the toy box, what happens? The contents of the entire box are dumped out. Instead, use several smaller containers to categorize the toys. This way it’s easier to find what they are looking for and it also makes clean up a breeze too!



You’re probably getting tired of everyone telling you that labeling is the magic cure to all of your organizing woes. However, because it’s true, it’s worth repeating! Just a second ago, I told you that smaller containers were better than one large box because toys would be easier to find and easier to clean up. Labeling takes that tip one step further by making sure your kids’ can see at-a-glance what their playtime options are and they’ll know exactly where to put those Barbie clothes or Hot Wheels cars when it’s time to clean up.


Sometimes as adults, we forget that this world is a big place to our kids. When it comes to organizing their toys, and all other belongings, you want to make sure that your children can easily get to it all. Think about something you use on a daily basis. Cell phone? Your favorite pot for cooking? Got your item in mind? Now pretend that you have to climb a ladder each time you wanted to retrieve that item. Wouldn’t that get old? It would be so frustrating. It’s no wonder our kids don’t put things back where they go. They can’t reach the shelf! When you are looking for kids’ storage, make sure your children can reach at least most of the shelves or cubbies. You will make it easier for them to put things back in their proper place, thus relieving stress for you as well. Everyone wins!


Too many toys can cause a child to become over stimulated. This is why they’ll have a room full of toys but say that they are “bored”. One way to deal with this is to take about half of their toys and store them elsewhere for a couple of months. When the allotted time has passed, reintroduce those toys and store the other half. (Of course, you won’t want to store away your child’s absolute favorite toys). As you rotate the toys in and out of circulation, take note of those that the children have zero interest in and donate them.


Have you ever tried to get your kids to help you sort through their toys, choosing what to keep, toss, and donate? This can be a difficult task because children are often so attached to their stuff that they refuse to let anything leave their bedroom/playroom. However, one way you might be able to get more cooperation from your child (and your child SHOULD help if they are old enough), is to purge the week before his/her birthday and/or right before Christmas. These times are often less challenging because they know that new toys are on the way. Even without the promise of new toys though, it’s good that a child learns how to give to those less fortunate.

{Please leave some lovely comments for Alana and visit her site and if you like what you see then follow her}
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Prince

*{this is a repost from Janurary 2011 in order to enter a ‘My Husband Rocks’ contest}

Today my husband blows out candles, today he turns one year older, today he has more respect from me than ever before. I love the fact that God knew Matthew in his momma’s womb and that He fashioned him.

It amazes me that Grace swept over Matthew years ago and caused him to fall desperately in love with Jesus. I rejoice in God sending many people to disciple him and show what an Unwasted Life looks like. I celebrate in God for preparing Matthew and I for an exact moment to meet {on a Mission Trip} where neither of us were supposed to be. I delight that he is my Protector, Provider, Lover, Spiritual Leader, Father to our children, and that he Loves Jesus. He has discipled me more than any other person in my life, he has {and still does} help me wrestle through hard doctrines and theologies, he teaches me by example and he is my BFF.

Today as I bake a cake for my husband I rejoice knowing I’m a jaded girl who has been found by a Prince. The Prince somehow sees something in the girl {amidst all her faults and failures} and makes her his Princess. My Prince sees my sin more than anyone else, he sees my unfaithfulness to Christ, he sees my unforgiving spirit, my self-control issues and everything else I fight against yet he loves me more than anyone else.

Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life… Matthew!
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Unwasted Homemaking Party #19

Welcome back to the homemaking party #19. Love all the linkups last week!!! I’ve picked just two {could have picked many more} to share with you.

DIY Anthro Lettering

DIY Pincushion

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is Proverbs 31 Attainable

Is Proverbs 31 Even Attainable?

Today, meet a lovely blogger whose writings encourage me to live out grace in all areas of my life, including homemaking! When Jessalyn isn’t scraping crushed goldfish out of the carpet or changing her spit up soiled blouse for the unteenth time, she might be seen blogging at DesiringVirtue.com or snuggled up on her bed, coffee in hand, engrossed in a volume of Spurgeon’s Sermons. Her love for the God who saved her soul from the pit compels her to live out her callings as wife, mother, and homemaker through the grace of God in a way that brings glory to his name. Hope you enjoy her take on Proverbs 21 as much as I have.

We’ve all thought it as we respectfully highlight and underline our way through Proverbs 31: “Who is this woman, and why is does she have to be so perfect?” I’m sure you would agree that she sets a pretty high standard for the rest of us imperfect wives! Often I find myself rebuked and discouraged after reading through this foundational piece of instruction for my calling as a God fearing wife.

But let me ask you this: Isn’t this the case with our Christian lives in general? Aren’t we called to the highest standards as children of the Lord? Displaying the character of Christ is not exactly an easy thing to do; in fact it is impossible in this fleshly body. This truth, however, does not change the fact that we are called to live out Christ’s holiness in our everyday life!

I was first encouraged to relate these two callings by a very wise man leading a marriage class at our church. “Wives,” he said, “when you feel like you will never be the Proverbs 31 Woman, remember that you are also called to walk as Jesus walked, which is a far more difficult task.” Jesus is the incarnation of Wisdom in every area of life, the Proverbs 31 woman is simply an example of a wise homemaker.

This virtuous woman is a specific picture of wisdom. She is the ultimate homemaker and represents the wisdom of God lived out in the daily and mundane tasks we often find ourselves overcome by as homemakers. She is purposefully described as uncommon and rare. The writer acknowledges that she is not your everyday woman, she is the ultimate woman! It is no wonder that we find it so difficult to find ourselves in her, weak and sinful as we are.

Yet, as I alluded to earlier, the standard that we are called to in this text does not diverge from the rest of Scripture. It is not in addition to the commands we already have, rather it is an application of the way of wisdom in our specific calling as wives and homemakers.

For instance, take verse 15 into consideration:

“She rises while it is yet night and provides food for her household and portions for her maidens.”

Now, we may not all be able to relate to this (apparently) wealthy woman’s management of her maidens, but we can all relate to the inherent benefits of rising early to serve our families. The concept of being disciplined in the area of sleep, however, is not relegated to this passage alone. Throughout the Bible we are given instruction to not overindulge in this area of our lives. Passages like Proverbs 20:13 give stern warnings about the consequences of slothfulness and encouragement to seek the rewards of a disciplined sleep life:

“Love not sleep, lest you come to poverty; open your eyes, and you will have plenty of bread.”

This type of discipline is encouraged throughout the Word of God, but in the instance of Proverbs 31 it is specifically applied to the life of a wife and homemaker. How wonderful to have this picture of practical wisdom to look to as we aspire to be homemakers who glorify the Lord!

The question arises, “Why does this woman bring glory to the Lord?”. How does my effort to be the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 bring glory to my God? The virtuous woman brings glory to her Savior not because of her works, but because of her faith in the One who can make it all a reality. In a very real sense, the realization that we are unable to attain this woman’s perfection, is the only way we will ever be able to resemble her!

The wisdom that the virtuous woman displays in her homemaking is just as impossible as every other example of wisdom found throughout the Word of God. What hope does any woman have of reaching these goals? The only hope any of us have is in God himself. When we are tempted to despair in our calling to be wise homemakers, we must remember these precious truths:

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.” (Proverbs 9:10 ESV)

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” (James 1:5 ESV)

God calls us to impossible standards, but he also provides us with his own power to attain those standards. What is left for us to do, but admit our own inability and rely on the incredible reserves we have in Christ?

It is for this very reason that I titled my blog “Desiring Virtue”. I know that I am not the Virtuous Woman in Proverbs 31, but I desire to be! I know that I can confidently desire to be virtuous because my God delights in bringing his children to sanctification.

“And you, who once were alienated and hostile in mind, doing evil deeds, he has now reconciled in his body of flesh by his death, in order to present you holy and blameless and above reproach before him, if indeed you continue in the faith, stable and steadfast, not shifting from the hope of the gospel that you heard, which has been proclaimed in all creation under heaven.” (Colossians 1:21-23 ESV)

Please stop by Desiring Virtue and leave some lovely comments .

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Homemaking Party #18

Welcome back to the homemaking party for #18. Sorry for the no party May but, I really needed the time due to pack and moving and adoption issues. I hope we can pick up where we left off! Please feel free to post father’s day ideas and 4th of July ideas! Also, a not so easy thing to say… if you are linking up you MUST USE MY LINK BACK TO ME. I really dread saying it but, I’m working super hard to grow this linky party so my readers can have tons of homemaking tips so I really need you to use my button! Thanks!

Get ready to party {Homemaker’s style}. If your a blogger…

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Five Years of a Beautiful Covenant

“The meaning of marriage is the display of the coveant-keeping
love between Christ and his people.”
{This Momentary Marriage pg. 15}

Today, on the tenth day of June two thousand and eleven I rejoice for God has poured grace on my marriage for five years. Five years has been such a beautiful dance. When I say a beautiful dance I don’t mean that it has been flawless, we’ve received blisters and weariness from the dance, but it has been beautiful.To see two sinful people enter into a lifetime covenant,unaware of how difficult it will be, unaware of what they will be faced with, unaware of what self-sacraficing is, unaware of what ultimate love is, is a beautiful thing.
Something more beautiful in my mind however, is years down the road. Years after a covenant has been made. Years after the simple infatuation has wore off and a deep love is present. Years which refine and call you to the root of the day vows were made before man and God. What a beautiful display of God’s limitless grace poured on two utterly sinful people.
Although I pray that five years is only scratching the surface of several years to come with my beloved I pray that we never loose sight of the purpose of marriage. Simply put marriage is designed for God’s glory. John Piper says
that foundationally marriage is the doing of God but ultimately it’s the display of God. He also explains how marriage is designed by God to display his glory in a way that no other event or institution can.

If marriage has been created by God to display his glory and in such a way that no other institution can, what a high and exciting call to those who are married. We have the opportunity to reflect to the world around us the value and treasure of Jesus.

For anyone that is married you know that marriage isn’t easy, it’s a fight
against ourself. A fight to be giving rather than receiving, selfless, forgiving and something we can’t do in our own strength. My marriage began five years ago by inexplainable grace to a man I still don’t deserve and it will continue solely on grace. I have hope that the Lord will continue to bind us together and allow us to continue to dance and display the treasure of Christ.

This is a simple prayer for my marriage and for each one of you who are in a beautiful covenant relationship either just beginning or decades into it.

“Welcome one another… for the glory of God.”
That is God’s word for your marriage.
Thank him for it; thank him for leading you thus far;
ask him to establish your marriage , to confirm it, sanctify it, and preserve it so your marriage will be
“for the praise of his glory.” Amen.
{Dietrich Bonhoeffer}

I’m linking this: Women Living Well, Time Warp Wife, Raising Homemakers, Women in the Word Wednesday,We are THAT Family

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Etiquette

photo via

Summer is here! I wouldn’t say summer is my favorite season because honestly, I enjoy every season but, I always enjoy when the seasons switch over. Even though it’s unofficially summer in KY it is too hot not to be labeled as the summer. The kids are out of school {this is first week off due to so many snow days}, it’s extremely hot and humid and we’ve had our first day at the pool!

If you live where it’s hot then I’m sure the pool is a way you and your kids like to spend some of your summertime. However, I’m guessing everyone of us do not have a refreshing pool in our backyards, so what’s a family to do? Go visit family or friends with pools of course! I have a few close family members who have pools that often invite us over and I’m so grateful. I thought today we could share with each other a few summer etiquettes for pools that your family practices. Here are a few of mine!

1. Always try to schedule a time, preferably a week before. I know this all depends on who it is, if it’s your parents it may be a little different etc. but, try to plan instead of just coming over unannounced. {photo via}

2. Bring your own sunblock. Sunblock isn’t cheap and you shouldn’t expect your host to provide it. Make sure and check your sunblock prior to leaving the house to make sure you have enough for your entire family for as long as you will be swimming.
{photo via}

3. Bring your own accessories. This might include pool noodles, floats to lay out on, beach balls or goggles for your kids. If you are going to a pool where another kid might be as well consider purchasing a cheap toy to bring for sharing their pool. {photo via}

4. Pack a full lunch and several snacks for your family. This will save you money on having to run and grab fast food and will not put pressure on your host to provide meals each time you come. Remember to bring several snacks because swimming makes everyone hungry! Another great tip is to pack a bottle of water with lots of ice for each family member to have during their swim.
{photo via}

What are some rules of thumb or etiquettes you go by when swimming at friend’s/family’s pool?
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Learning through Trials

As we continue to battle in the courts for the legal right to adopt our kids we have reached a big road block. A court hearing this week, which was supposed to pass with flying colors, has been reset for two more months and with implications of a now possibility of the adoption falling through.
To say I’ve been upset would not do justice to what has been going on this previous week. To be candid I would say that for two entire days I wept and at times so hard I was unable to breathe.

I debated to share all of this with my readers because it’s so difficult to open up to the reality of what’s been going on but, I feel I must.
The flip side to the trials that my family has been experiencing this past week is that God has shown Himself more to me. I would consider this the most difficult trial I’ve yet to take on during my twenty-three years of life.

I’ve been learning many things through this trial and here are just a few {undetailed}.
I’m self-relient
I try to control situations and when they don’t go the way I want them to go I’m devastated.
I think I have everything figured out. When things don’t go the way I ‘figure they should go’ I’m confused.
I easily loose perspective. When trials swirl around me I’m faced with the ultimate reality that this life isn’t just as it seems. Behind every situation, a Sovereign God is working for my good.

I’m in need to be weaned from my faith/trust/hope/security in anything other than Christ.

What things have you learned through trials and sufferings?

*If your new to my blog you can read a few posts about our adoption journey.*

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