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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wheat Pancakes with Blueberries

I forgot to mention on Menu Plan Monday that Saturday mornings include traditional pancakes! I do try serve up healthy food so I use a whole-wheat recipe.

4 Cups whole wheat flour

4 teaspoons baking powder

2 teaspoons salt

4 well beaten eggs

4 Cups of milk

4 Tablespoons of vegetable oil

(This recipe is doubled from the original recipe found here, I double it so I can store them for other days in the week for breakfast).

How to:

Stir all the dry ingredients together. Next add milk, oil and eggs. Still it all together until all dry ingredients are moistened. Then cook on preheated griddle (I don’t have a griddle yet so I just use a pan on top of the stove, yes I know it takes forever this way 🙂 ). Flip the pancakes over as soon as the edges start to bubble. When slightly brown take them off the griddle and spread butter on them (a healthier choice is Smart Butter). Finally, put some blueberries on top and drizzle with sugar free syrup! Enjoy with your lovelies!
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Raising Homemakers http://www.allthingzrelated.blogspot.com/
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This week is going to be super busy with appointments and late nights in Louisville so this week’s menu is going to be very simple!

Monday- Roast, carrots, potatoes

Tuesday- Grilled Chicken Salad

Wednesday- Meat, Rice, and cheese mix

Thursday- Chick-fil-A (this is the day the whole fam is in Louisville until 10pm)

Friday- Homemade Pizza (pepperoni, ham and pineapple)with cheesy bread

Saturday- Grilled Hamburgers, mac-n-cheese, pasta salad

Sunday- Meatloaf and steamed green beans with wheat rolls (I haven’t tried this on the kids yet but, it’s easy prep for Sunday mornings)

Breakfast include: Cheerios, Raisin Bran, Whole wheat blueberry muffins and Whole wheat apple muffins

Lunches include: PB&J’s (sugar free jelly) with carrots or celery and grapes or oranges
Tuna salad with chips

Snacks: carrots, cucumbers, grapes, oranges

What are you gals cooking this week? Anything special for the Labor Day weekend? If you want to check out some more menu plans head over here. Pin It Now!

Princess Room

I had so much fun doing the ‘Princess Room’ for little girl! Here are the before and after pics plus some of my favorite things about this room.

I LOVE her princess canopy (purchased @ Lowe’s)
I also really like her ‘Princess Piggy’ which a reward system for the little ones (purchased @ Target)
And lastly the purple butterfly nightlight (also from Target)

We are still needed to do some finishing touches; nice big rugs, bookshelf, different curtains, and decorate the white lamp!

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Shabby Chic Cottage Cottage Instincts

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

(A More Real) Love Story

Today I’m having trouble finding batteries for the camera to upload a pic for this blog so I figure I would just show something for fun. This video is a spin off of Taylor Swift’s song, “Love Story.” So much of this video is true and is great for some laughs! The truth in this remix is that we do need to make time for our spouses among the busy schedules and daily activities of homemaking and childrearing!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Last week…

It’s been a week since I’ve posted last. I first want to apologize and say that no matter what these next few weeks bring I do hope to blog more regularly. Last week was probably the most difficult week I’ve experienced. We have seen some extreme behaviors in one of the kids in our home and have had to be really focused on trying to help this child.

Please pray for our family as we are learning to trust God possibly more than we ever have. At the beginning of last week we had an issue in the morning before school and I was extremely discouraged and confused so I called a trusted Proverbs 31. The encouragement I received from her was so refreshing. With her words she gave me perspective.

The story would seem to flow with the words… and they lived happily ever after… no just kidding (maybe I’ve been reading Cinderella a little too much to little girl this week). At that time I had no idea that the issues would only continue to get worse. Each day things got a little worse until the extreme behavior happened on Wednesday night.

Can I be honest? I don’t know if before last Wednesday I could say that I felt an intense peace due to the Lord answering so many prayers on my behalf. The small issue that happened on Monday morning caused me to call a few trusted friends and tell them the situation which caused them to pray even more than they were. I’ve truly experienced the phrase, “I’m praying for you this past week.”

During all the extreme behaviors I had such a peace and comfort that I know the Lord gave me. He is giving me more and more compassion and love for these children despite what they say or how they act. I’m daily reminded that if I love or if I show kindness to someone it’s not of my own doing but, it is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Honestly, it’s been wonderful having kids to show me how unloving and selfish I can be, because now the Lord can start taking it from me. Pin It Now!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My 12 New Things

I’ve been reading over at www.likeawarmcupofcoffee.com and want to jump on board with something that Sarah Mae is doing. It’s called, “12 New Things: Learning a new skill each month.”

I’m excited to share with you gals my 12 new skills that I want to master…

August- Create homemaker binder

September- Homemade decorations for birthday party

October- Begin discipleship of two girls

November- Black Friday shop for the kiddos (map out what I need to buy)

December- Make several homemade Christmas gifts

January- Use the Cricut Cake to make the little princess a birthday cake

February- Do a challenge on a ‘cricut’ website

March- Master ‘freezing meals’

April- Master cooking with Truvia

May- Figure out how to upload the Amazon store on my website

June- Make homemade sugar free ice-cream

July- Make 4th of July decor from the Cricut machine

*This list has changed from the original posting due to changing my mind… it may change again lol

Feel free to join in on the fun! If you have a blog then head over to Sarah Mae’s blog and link up… if not explain in the comment box what your 12 things are. Pin It Now!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Organizing Tip

Here’s a small tip that helps me sort the laundry.
I made these simple little signs and placed them in protective coverings and tacked them in the closets of the little ones.

Right now I have the labels, “Brights” “Whites” and “Browns and Blacks”
I’m throwing around the idea of changing them to “Play clothes” “Pajamas and Undies” and “Dress clothes.”

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Homemaking… doing it to the hilt

“Wherever you are, be all there. Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.” -Jim Elliot

This quote is from missionary martyr Jim Elliot and is so encouraging to homemakers and stay at home mommies. Women can so easy fall into the ‘mundane daily activities’ of cleaning house, doing laundry, cooking meals, fixing snacks etc. that they forget to give themselves whole heartedly to this task. If you are a stay at home mom live your daily activities to the hilt and be all there.

It’s easy to try and zone out or dread doing certain chores but, don’t… seek to glorify Christ in that very activity. May we seek to be all there and live to the hilt in all of our homemaking delights 🙂

I’m linking this to Good Morning Girls.
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Cost of Adoption

“My Friends, adoption is
It’s costly, exhausting,
expensive, and outrageous.
Buying back lives costs so much.
When God set out to redeem us,
it killed Him.”
-Derek Loux

This past February is when my husband and I both felt the Lord calling us to pursue adoption. At that time he also used Jedd Medefind (President of the Christian Alliance for Orphans) to begin to prepare us for the difficulty that would lie ahead during the adoption process.

While listening to his lecture we began to understand that the road of adoption wasn’t easy filled or filled with a sense of dreaminess. The main thrust of his lecture was about counting the cost of adoption. Counting the cost of emotional stress and pain. He also reminded us that if we adopt for any reason other than the Gospel and God’s call then we will grow weary when the trials of adoption arise. We realized that if we adopt for obligation, enthusiasm, duty or guilt then we would indeed die in weariness.

Now that we are heavily into the adoption process with two children in our home for a few weeks now we have greatly understood this statement and it has indeed become a reality in our home. Adoption is wonderful, joyful, Christ exalting and so many more beautiful things, but, it’s very difficult.

The most beautiful thing of adoption is that in the midst of the cost I have began to understand more of what was required to purchase me for adoption… the cost was the death of God Himself. If God hadn’t adopted us then we would be in hell. Praise Jesus that He graciously didn’t give me what I deserve!

(picture is of Matt and I at the Adopting for Life confrence in Feb. 2010 at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Great Book for the kids

On a recent trip to the book store I found some amazing books for the little kiddos. For this post I’ll limit it to one I’ve had my eye on for a while “The Church History ABCs.”

This book was cleverly written to teach children about heroes of the faith. Each letter of the alphabet teaches you about one hero. How cool is that? By the way, it’s not just for the kiddos (I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it).

Not only do I think you should purchase this book but, you should check out this website here
It is designed to go with the book but you could use the resources even if you don’t have it.

On the website you will find a gallery where kids have sent in their drawings of the heroes of faith (John Calvin, C.S. Lewis, R.C. Sproul etc), activities where you can print off coloring pages of early church fathers and also a contest to do with your kids.

(I’m not being paid to endorse this book, I just really like it) 🙂 Pin It Now!