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Saturday, July 31, 2010


I finally have internet at the new ‘Fowler Home’! What a wonderful week it has been for Matthew and I. We have welcomed two precious children into our home and have been enjoying it so much. The joy of loving children (by caring for them and teaching them about Christ) has been amazing.

It’s been so wonderful to see how God gives grace to those who ask for it and so rewarding to see how God has showered it on me this week. Thank you for all those who have known about this placement and have been praying for Matthew and I. Words will never be able to express those who have been fasting as well for this transition. The Lord has heard your prayers and has made it such a smooth transition so far.

I will be posting more on why my husband and I are pursuing adoption in the days to come. Please pray for us in this process as we may not know the outcome for some time. Pin It Now!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Here’s where Ive been…

I’ve not fallen off the face of the earth!
Hopefully early next week I will be able to begin posting regularly again. Here are a few reasons why Ive been MIA:

1- I was at church camp all last week

2- I returned from camp on Friday night and began packing up my house Saturday

3- Monday we began moving houses

4- Matt and I have taken a placement for two children… They will move in Monday… We do this in hopes of making our home a permeant
home for them through adoption if they are placed for adoption.

5- We have been painting and getting the kids room ready for the move

6- the phone company hasn’t switched our lines over so we don’t have Internet at the house yet

Just wanted to a quick update on where vie been this week… More updates on the above things next week Pin It Now!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Beyond Effect

Today is officially day 1 of camp. Something I was really challenged with last night was the ‘Beyond Effect.’ Jonathan Creek camp started this campaign last year to encourage youth aged Christians to seek out something they can do to raise money for a specific cause.

In a nutshell the ‘beyond effect’ is:


PASSION: The youth have been encouraged to think of all the passions they have: sports, dance, music, drama, cooking etc.

BURDEN: Next they were challenged to think of burdens they have: orphans, hurricane victims, homeless people etc.

IDEA: Pray about which specific passion they can take and link with a burden they have. Give birth to the idea and display Christ in that passion.

One story we have already heard of is a girl who enjoys making quilts and who had a burden for Zambian orphans. After she was challenged at camp she went back to her church and held a ‘quilt making fellowship’ at her church. She had over 70 people show up to make quilts. After making the quilts they sent them to an orphanage in Zambia who didn’t have any blankets for the children. You can watch the video of
this girl here.

Even though this was a challenge set before the youth I have definitely taken up the challenge and I’m prayerfully considering what passions and burdens the Lord would have be pair up for His glory.

What passions and burdens do you have? Pray and ask the Lord what you could do to make much of Him!
Pin It Now!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Packing Tip

I’m off again…this time to church camp!

Tomorrow I will be heading with my husband and eleven youth to Jonathan Creek. Even though I’m extremely tired from the travels in/from Canada and unpacking and repacking, I’m excited about this trip! I’ve been praying for months about this trip and I’m so ready to see how God is going to make Himself known to these youth!

I’ve caught word that they have internet…so if it’s true I will try to blog some this week!

I thought since I’ve been doing so much packing this last month I would share a little tip. When going to camp things such as bags can be a hassle trying to figure out what bag belongs to whom. So, I figured I would do a little labeling for this trip. I labeled just about every bag in hopes that when the unpacking of the bags begins mine would help speed up the process!

Enjoy your week and may you make much of Christ in every area of your life! Pin It Now!

Friday, July 9, 2010

NWT, Canada

Wow! Where to begin…? Canada was not what I expected. I expected to visit lots of churches to encourage the pastors/wives of pastors but, I found this was impossible to do. Why? Because, no pastors or established churches in the Northwest Territory existed! We did meet one married couple who have been faithfully serving in a church for 17 years in the midst of a very difficult village. Otherwise, we went to so many villages with no evangelical presence.

My heart went out to all of the people in the NWT who have no chance of hearing the Gospel. The villages consisted of First Nation People (those who are natives to the land… equivalent to Native Americans in the U.S.). They are very leery of white people or any outsiders which makes ministering “short-term” extremely difficult. In order to reach the 1st people of the NWT long term efforts must be a goal.

We were able to visit a few “bigger cities” equivalent to our “small towns” where their might be a few believers who are holding bible studies in the church but, who are in great need of discipleship and established eldership.

The needs here also include short-term mission trips to host vacation bible school and share the Gospel with the children. A focus in the village is to reach the Gospel with the children. The couple I mentioned who have been ministering for 17 years in a village have watched the fruits of their labors with children. The little ones they have been teaching since they have arrived are now in their 20’s and they are seeing the Lord truly use them. However, it’s difficult to perform vacation bible school with only a handful of people.

If anyone is interested in taking a short-term mission trip to work in a village in the NWT to further the Gospel or interested in how you can be up-to-date on prayer needs, financial needs or if you felt led to work long-term with the 1st nation people of Canada please shoot me a comment!

(I will be sharing more about the trip, culture and traveling tips in the next weeks to come) Pin It Now!